Testimonials for the JACK MARINO WARRIOR FILMMAKER Radio Show


Charlie Duke

Jack, I listened to your radio program on Thelma Todd. If you check my info page you will find out I am very knowledgeable about Los Angeles. I was exceptionally impressed by your radio show. The lead-in reminded me of the great radio shows of my childhood. Having seen a great deal of death and destruction, I have developed a great appreciation for those who create worthwhile productions. You have done an exceptional job in capturing Los Angeles and interesting stories of its history. Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

“As listeners from the little island of Tasmania, the birth place of Errol Flynn, we wish to say how much we appreciate your show. When possible we listen live down here and if we miss a show we know that we can listen to the archived show. Jack you have a different manner of interview because we feel that we are all in your lounge room having a discussion amongst friends. This is even more so when we can join in on Skype and become part of the circle. Keep up the good work Jack and those great guests that you are able to invite onto your show.”

Steve and Genene  –  Errol Flynn Society, Tasmania


I have been interviewed by many and I have to say you rank in the top 5. You are a professional with a great twist and a needed style that has been lost. Keep up the good work, we need more like you.

Mark Reed

Candidate for Congress 2012


Jack, you recognized me as a WW II Army vet of five campaigns in Europe and how I have struggled to find funds to do the two documentaries that I produced at the advanced age of eighty-one when I started five years ago.  You got me on your show and made me feel like a VIP.  Since then you have given me encouragement and support in my development of a third documentary that is now in the editing stage.  I appreciate your interest and kindness and admire you for your trials and tribulations with your Vietnam film which has been so difficult to “get out there” as it should in the public domain.  Your wife’s recovery is paramount now.  I wish you and her the VERY BEST.  You have my thoughts and prayers.

George Ciampa

LET FREEDOM RING 501(c)(3)100% non-profit organization


“Jack, just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your show – both generally as well as being interviewed on it.  Your “voice” is quite unique, intending to celebrate the best of old Hollywood while not at all shutting your eyes to the new.  Please keep it up!”


Eric Sherman – Filmmaker/Author


“I love Jack’s show.  His guests are fascinating, the topics are, well… topical! I look forward to hearing him every week.”

Andrea Shea King – Radio Patriot Show/ World Net Daily


“Jack Marino brings the history of Hollywood’s glory days alive on his Warrior Film Maker Show on L.A. Talk Radio while keeping it fresh by also discussing the issues of the day. From his intro that hearkens back to the Golden Age of Tinseltown via a Chandleresque monologue over dark 40’s style music to the closing moments when Jack wraps up with his final thoughts, you’re drawn to lean into your speakers to make certain you don’t miss one word from Jack or his always informative and entertaining guests.

 Kender MacGowan, Poet


“Jack, as always you produce a great – wonderful show! Keep up the good work! I love to hear a lot more! Please keep the shows of Jack Marino coming – they are great and very wonderful. He brings the nostalgia, the mal du pays of times gone by which are ever so precious. He brings the nostalgia which triggers in us a reminder of individual events or item of our past. He brings emotion of great happiness! Feeling nostalgic is so important as it is most pleasurable to associated with the longing to go back to a particular period of time which made us happy.”  

Yours sincerely,

Tina Nyary


Great Radio Show! I have been listening to this show for months now and I love it! Jack Marino is a great host and has very informative shows. 

I full expect this show to continue to grow their listening audience. 

This show is a must listen!!

by PLefty  (itunes review)


Thanks for having me as a guest on your show Jack. You have a unique and downright delightful approach to talk radio which I found curiously refreshing. In the words of the late great Errol Flynn, ‘it isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.’ You’ve created more than a few whispers out there in L.A. and here’s hoping you continue to do so for many years to come.

Michael Merrett – Author


I was thrilled to be on Jack Marino’s radio program, but better than that is the fact that I can also listen to Jack interview his many talented guests. Jack Marino represents the best of Talk Radio. He’s charming, articulate, funny and knowledgeable. Jack is both entertaining and enlightening which is a rareity these days.

Author Thomas McNulty

Errol Flynn, Trail of the Burned Man, Wind Rider and Death Rides a Palomino


Jack:  I’ve been a guest speaker on your radio show twice now and I just wanted to tell you how comfortable you made me feel each time. Your laid-back “casual” approach along with your pinpoint questions gave me the chance to really describe my many years as both an actor and writer in Hollywood.

Can’t thank you enough, chum. Any time you want me on board again, just call. As we both know, I was close  friends with most of the famous movie stars of the forties and fifties, so have a chest-full of fascinating and humorous anecdotes which you have artfully drawn out of me.

Let’s hook up again soon. It’s an evening that you make really enjoyable for both us.

Steve Hayes – Writer – Googies: CoffeeShop of the Stars


Jack Marino’s civic responsibility is evident in his comments. Moreover, the interesting guests who appear on his show provide both insight and entertainment. Jack knows how to ask the right questions and let’s guest respond.

All the best.

Bill Donati – Author


The Radio Show that brings Hollywood home

Jack’s radio show brings Hollywood home with the behind-the-scenes action that only insiders have. I think the show will be a big hit if it reaches a wider audience.

Logan Clements – Filmmaker


Jack, you have a natural radio voice and your introduction paints an enchanting picture to the listener. However, I must be honest with you, there is a major problem with your show. It just goes too fast! Please increase the fun to two hours! I am having fun and listening and then you go off the air. You sound like you are having a lot of fun so go to two nights a week for your audience.

Chuck Pierce, listener


If you are looking for a sense of what real old time radio was like try Jack Marino’s show on LA TALK RADIO The Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker Show. Jack has a voice made for radio (and television and movies) and uses it to create imaginative, magical moments that are right out the best of old time Hollywood radio broadcasting. His handling of guests and asking them the question the listener just thought of asking the guest himself shows what a pro Jack Marino is.

Let him take you down the road of imagination and nostalgia and fascinate you with his interviews of those who made Hollywood what it is in our memories… inside stories and laughs, news, and ideas are what Jack’s show is all about.

He has built up an impressive backlog of shows that can be listened to over and over again, and I can’t recommend him more highly to anybody who wants a large growing audience to listen to their commercial messages on a great show that is growing in popularity and has a huge listener base… I’ll be tuning in next week!


David DeWitt

Admin/The Errol Flynn Blog


Jack Marino is a fine example of what is right in the world today. His filmmaking skills are excellent, his editing spot on and his Radio Show a great source of current news and Social Issues. I could recommend anyone more highly than Jack, a true American Patriot. Knowing that there was a need for a real representation of what went on in Vietnam, and also that it was time that our brave Soldiers had their story told, he has produced a first rate movie. His show is witty and entertaining but it also takes a hard look at what needs to be accomplished to make things right in the United States, both Politically and Socially.He is a stand up kind of guy and it has been my great pleasure to be able to say I’ve met him and enjoyed talking with him.


M. Michele Brown Kriske – Librarian and Educator, Los Angeles


Jack Marino is a gifted and talented Talk Show Host who possess the passion for Hollywood the way it used to be. Jack truly brings you back in time with him as he talks about Errol Flynn  and the movie industry in the bygone era. Listen to Jack and sit back and enjoy the ride.

John Rossetti – Fan of the show


Jack, I want to thank you for all the support you have giving my project and me.  Words cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am for having me as your guest on the great Jack Marino Show.  You are a great host!  Truly, the best voice on radio and the next Rush Limbaugh.  Please keep the Jack Marino Show alive!

Jerry Vairo Jr. – “Great Nephew of Paul “Lefty” Della Universita”


Warrior Filmmakers Radio Show is a breath of fresh air – straight talk and great advice for new filmmakers with a little of Hollywood nostalgic history all wrapped up into great shows. It’s wonderful how Jack Marino shares his experience from the inside out to help young and old film makers succeed in a market riddled with closed doors.

Elizabeth “Betty” Kilbride, Author and Executive Producer


To whom it may concern:

I live in Toronto, Canada and have listened to Jack Marino’s Talk Show on “LA TALK RADIO” for a long time.  I love Jack Marino’s Show, he provides fantastic entertainment, has the most interesting guest speakers, marvelous subjects, plus and most importantly sets you in a mood of dreaming and reminiscing, which has become in today’s life such rarity but ever so valuable commodity.  He gives you a chance to escape even just for a little while the not so pleasant times in life.

For example, his introduction of his show alone is so fantastic that one wants you to listen to what he has to present and get more and more information of this romantic era or current subjects. May it be a form of escape or what ever, it is something we all need in our lives to prevail.

He provides the kind of dreams that give us strength and hope of which the entertainment world has lived on since its inception.  He has hundreds of followers who would never want to miss the wonderful presentations he gives and now we miss so very much.

Please give us back The Jack Marino Show, which was one of an anchor we like to hold onto!

Yours sincerely,

Tina Nyary


While doing my own Radio Show which was broadcast live I have come to know Jack I have been struck by his professionalism, his knowledge, and most importantly his Americanism. His show is both fun and informational and full of history that is a part of Hollywood and the nation. Through him I personally have been able to relive the stories told to me by my mother and grandmother of a time thaat was quite literally full of unusual adventure and even romance.

I consider Jack Marino’s show one of the best of its genre and hope that he is able to continue in his endevors to educate a younrer generation as he has reminded us of his generation of just what “the Good `ol Days” really were.

Bill English – “The Plain English Show”

Candidate United States Senate, New Mexico

~Dennis Mullen,

Not only does Marino have the best ‘signature intro’ on the air today, his LA Talk Radio Show resides in a class by itself. Where else can you listen live to someone who charts such an enchanting course for his listeners, walking them through the aura and intrigue of Old Hollywood? Beguilement reigns supreme as this Warrior Filmmaker host, along with his eclectic array of guests, re-visit the larger-than-life icons of the mid-20th century. With a vastness of uniquely acquired knowledge–and esoterically inclined analysis–it is likely no one is better at infusing these fleeting moments in time with as much vivid immediacy.
Who needs to go out Friday nights when the “Old Hollywood” Maestro is there waiting to shuttle us from our living-rooms to a time and place most of us can only dream about. “Take a trip with Jack Marino to a golden era of Hollywood where you can drink life like wine and live like the wind.”

(LA Talk Radio Channel 2: Fridays at 8 PT)