Chalet Lizette Brannan up and coming Child Star

Air Date: June 8, 2014

Show # 173

Chalet Lizette Brannan will be live on Sunday, talking about her upcoming Television series #TheSparrows from Director Nancy Criss And from Nandar Entertainment. Also her new series #HitWomen and various movies filming this summer.

Just a little over 7 years old, Chalet has shown a remarkable talent in acting. She has been selected to be in many films because of her acting ability. A large number of her fans have seen this and many directors and producers have commented on her acting. Now with major motion pictures and including known stars, she continues to climb and keep climbing. Making videos with Walt Disney World has been a dream for her and she just succeeded in doing just that.


Charlet’s Intervew


Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Conservative Activist & Candidate for Congress

Show Date: Feb 2,2014

Show #155

Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host in Southern California. His radio program, Constitution 227881_10151182211104933_2085094216_nRadio, currently airs on Saturdays at 2:00 pm Pacific Time on KCAA 1050 AM. He also co-hosts American Daily Review Radio on BlogTalkRadio at Noon Pacific Time. In addition to being a longtime radio host, Doug is also a conservative political activist, writer, publisher, and commentator. Doug is the author of the book “25 Myths of the United States Constitution,” founder of the award winning Political Pistachio website, and a free lance newspaper columnist for the Murrieta Patch and The Central Idaho Post.

He writes for and publishes the Constitution News Quarterly news periodical, which is targeted to launch nationwide in February of 2014. He also writes for Canada Free Press, Conservative Crusader, Conservative Action Alerts, Conservative Network News, Christian Response Alerts, Flash Point 2016, and The Examiner. He has been featured on the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow news portal a number of times. Doug is a member of the “Unite Inland Empire” patriot group coalition, the “American Authors Association”, the “Committee of Concerned Journalists” and “The Military Writers Society of America.”

He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and was a candidate for his local Murrieta City Council in 2010. Doug organized, and operates the Constitution Association, and is the senior editor for his publishing company, the Constitution Association Press. He is an active member of the Tea Party Movement, manning a Constitution Booth at Tea Party events, is a public speaker on the U.S. Constitution, and teaches classes on the U.S. Constitution. Doug is a family man, married 29 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has six grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy

 Doug V Gibbs’ Interview


Actor/producer Al Bandiero and Writer Wife Marlyn Bandiero

Show Date Oct 4, 2013

Show #138

My Guests Actor/producer Al Bandiero and his lovely and talented wife Marlyn. Al was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, a proud Italian-American. One of the most popular NewLead4x6radio personalities in New York City for many years along with successful nationally syndicated radio shows, Al started his acting career by appearing in the film Rocky IV. Since then, he has worked extensively in film and television; including starring in the Fox TV series Desire, the Independent film Go for It!, the lead in the current festival film shot in black and white 1950’s Film Noir style, The Company and television movie Scene of the Crime. He has also appeared in the television series’ Dragnet and The Practice. Al and his wife Marlyn currently have two film projects and a TV pilot in the works. He will work both in front and behind the camera on these projects.

Writer/producer, Marlyn Bandiero was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in New York City. Marlynepic1-1

Marlyn has two completed feature scripts one of which she has the rights to and is inspired by true events called Blue Betrayal. The story is about an innocent NYC cop who is sent to prison after being framed by his fellow officers and business partner. In prison, he discovers the depth of their deception and plots revenge. The second script, Reconciling Lola, is about a career obsessed high profile attorney has her estranged father thrown back into her life on the eve of her most important case and must re-enter the world of her eccentric colorful Cuban-American family.

Al & Marylne Bandiero


WWII US Navy & US Marine Veteran, Daily Variety Reporter, PR agent for the Studios – Eddie Fafakian

Air Date: September 27, 2013

Show #137

Eddie Kafafian, raised in New York and educated in CA, Eddie Kafafian has an extensive background in the communications , media, spanning not only the general press, TV and eddieradio, but also the specialized field of promotion and marketing. He also is credited with an in-depth involvement in the actual production of films.

Upon completion of high school, and although only 16 years old, he enlisted in the US Navy, trained as a radio operator later serving with the US Marine Corps as a correspondent during World War II

Following his military service, Eddie enrolled in college, majoring in journalism which opened the doors to employment on the Oakland Tribune and at Daily Variety as a entertainment reporter. While there, he penned a weekly column (Clef Dwellers) in addition to serving as a reviewer critic. That job opened the door into public relations with the eddie:ganginternational firm of McFadden and Eddy as an account executive, where he was under the tutorship of Jack Mullen.

That training led him to the responsibility of working with such icons of the time as Frank Sinatra, Lee Marvin, Peter Graves, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Shirley MacLaine, and Anne Bancroft to name a few plus corporate accounts of Walt Disney and Marineland of the Pacific

Among other associations, Eddie is a member of the Marines Memorial Association. United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association as well as a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Presently, and for the past 20 years, he has been a sworn reserve officer with the LAPD.


 Eddie Kafakian’s Interview


New Zealander Movie Theater Owner – Patrick Walsh

Air Date:
May 17, 2013

Show #118

Patrick Walsh, 26 years old, got into the movie business at the age of 14 learning the projectionist’s job in a small town theatre while at school, currently owns his own movie theatre, also collects 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films and projectors, actor, appeared in some locally made film productions and on stage, from the rural town of Rangiora in New Zealand, a fan of old Hollywood and it’s stars.69172_109797269084155_1186466_n

Patrick is flying in from New Zealand to be on my show. He will tell us what the Movie situation is like in his country and of Peter Jackson’s studio on the other side of the Island.




Patrick Welsh’s Interview


Kenn Christienson, Dan McClinton, Nick Searcy and Eric Porvaznick FIRST ATTACK FILM

Air Date:

April 26, 2013

Show #115

My guest is My guest will be Filmmaker Kenn Christienson, Dan McClinton, Nick Searcy and Eric Porvaznick

Actor, Nick Searcy narrates: “First Attack,” the 50 year history of the 1-227th Aviation Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division.

First Attack PosterThe video covers the Battalion’s formation, February 13, 1963 and highlights the Battalion’s involvement in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan.) .

The video’s production was a volunteer effort, to commemorate the Battalion’s 50th Anniversary, February, 13th 2013. The video has also been donated to the 1-227th, for the instruction of new Battalion Members. “First Attack” was photographed at Wings and Rotors Air Museum in Murrieta, Ca and at Fort Hood, Texas.

Writer, Director, Editor and Visual Effects producer for over 20 years, residing in Southern Oregon. • Owner of production company: Kenn Christenson Films – since 2001 – Specializing in TV commercials and web promotional videos.• Studied film production at California Institute of the Arts. • Been shooting film & video since 13 years old.

Dan McClinton’s was born and grew up in Waco, TX. Joined the Army in 1986, graduated from flight school in OCT 1987. Flew UH-1s until 1998, when I switched over to the Attack side of things. I was assigned to 1-227th in May of 2004 and served there until my retirement from the Army in 2011. While assigned to the 1-227th I participated in 3 tours to Iraq totaling 37 months. He currently work for Flight Safety International as a Bell Model 412 helicopter instructor at the DFW center. He has in excess of 5 thousand flight hours.

In addition to his stellar portrayal of Chief Deputy Art Mullen on FX’s “Justified,” Peabody Award-winning International Film and Television star Nick Searcy continues to amaze internet audiences with his “Acting School with Nick Searcy.” Be sure to check YouTube and Funny or Die frequently for new episodes.

Eric Porvaznik, still blogging away at, returns to the Warrior Filmmaker show for the fourth time as a guest or co-host. Still no word on whether Jack will award him with a commemorative LA Talk Radio plaque this time or the fifth visit. Till then, be sure to check out “Looking for Oscar, his ode to 1970s baseball, on YouTube.

 First Attack Interview



Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr.

Air Date:
March 22, 2013

Show #110

Ladd Ehlinger Jr. aka FILM LADD has worn many hats in his varied career – writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, 3D animator, blogger, programmer, weapon laddsystems designer, even radio talk show host.

He worked for NASA and the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command making animations, videos, and various classified websites. After that, he co-founded an online 3D render farm called Respower with clients like Paramount (Star Trek), Sony, Nikelodean, Disney, and more.

He then made two independent feature films: Flatland and Hive Mind. Flatland is an animated adaptation of the 1886 novel by Edwin A. Abbott. It is a cult classic novel of math and religion, popular with such luminaries as Asimov, Einstein, Hawking and Sagan. Flatland The Film is now a favorite of math and geometry teachers world-wide who wish to treat their students to a brief reprieve of the torture of their classes.

Hive Mind is a post-apocalyptic feature film about the last man on Earth, conservative talk show host Doug Trench, a.k.a. The Trench Mouth. Humanity has been assimilated by the Hive Mind, a collective consciousness that turns everyone into zombies. Trench, hidden in a bunker for twenty years, now running out of food and booze, cigars and coffee, and the last vestiges of his sanity, flips on his radio transmitter one last time to fight the mind of the Hive with the only weapon at his disposal: words!

After making these two independent feature films, Ladd turned his attention to participating in the political world, creating multiple ads for multiple candidates across the nation, creating millions upon millions of views and hundreds of thousands of dollars of free earned media and name recognition.

He is currently developing new independent feature film projects.

Film Ladd’s interview


This blog is on hold for the time being…

DNS_2911Jack Marino  an Independent filmmaker and radio host who’s  WarriorFilmmaker Show has been on LA Talk Radio since 2010 on .   Jack brings to the air waves his unique style of Radio Noir of the classic feel of the old time radio shows of the 1930’s and 40s.
Bold, Conservative, Warrior – That’s what Host Jack Marino brings to LA Talk radio, every
Friday night with his new show: Jack Marino – Warrior filmmaker.

Got questions about Hollywood, filmmaking, surviving as a conservative filmmaker in Hollywood or what’s it really like to be an actor, writer, producer, director, author and dealing with all the politics of today’s Hollywood?

Through in depth interviews with guests working in all levels of the film business both then and now, come by and hear a new kind of radio about the gritty side of Hollywood that you’ll never hear in the mainstream media.

Listen Live SUNDAY at 7:00PM (PST) on channel 2

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Forgotten Heroes Poster!

Welcome to my website/blog for the JACK MARINO WARRIORFILMMAKER SHOW on LA TALK RADIO. JmsmlogoPlease feel free to register and start posting your opinions, reviews of my radio show. 

I am an Independent filmmaker original from the Boston area, who fell into internet radio to promote his film FORGOTTEN HEROES. Since I am a conservative and I have specific ideas for films that I want to accent the positive of this great Republic after 40 years of negativity, I wanted to tell my journey as filmmaker dealing with the power structure of Hollywood that will not allow another point of view, of an unknown filmmaker.

I decided with the help of my partner to get on LA TALK RADIO and on January 22, 2010 was my first time ever hosting a radio show that goes all around the world. I did 47 shows the first year with a mixture of politics, people running for office here in LA and in Boston. I have had a few old time actors that started in the 40s as contract players for Warner Bros. I have had a lot of authors who have written books of OLD HOLLYWOOD of the great film stars of a gone by era.

On Friday April 29, 2011, which was my 64th show.

226959_1081393072566_4400_n The next day my wife of 34 years of

marriage was rushed to the Hospital and put into ICU for 11 days with a brain injury. She was then transferred to a rehab for the next 65 days. At this time I wasn’t doing the show at all. The management of LA TALK RADIO were extremely kind and generous to keep my spot available for me when if ever I could come back. Through out this entire process both my wife and I were touched by God and she was on death’s door and she became a living miracle. She left the rehab on July 14, 2011, she had to be taught everything all over again. The thing was, that her and I had just bought our first home, which she found and it a gift that we got this specific home. We were only in the house for five days when this event happen, it was like being hit by a train, it came out of nowhere.

My wife’s birthday was coming up that June and I got her a doormat so when she got out of rehab she would read, Welcome to ‘Palazzo de Louisa’ . I named her dream house 261630_2156514709935_2385675_nafter her. I hope it would trigger her memory which was at that time was gone. After a few months of speech, OT and Physical therapy she was doing better and LA TALK RADIO had contacted me to appear on a show with my wife to tell our story. To my surprise she agreed, which wasn’t her style to get in front of anyone or a mic to talk about herself. The show was a great success and LA TALK RADIO felt it was time for me to come back on the air .

On May 11, 2012 was my COMEBACK show and I have been on the radio since and my show is growing bigger and bigger. All my show are archived on my BIO page or you can scroll down on the right side of this blogroll and click on anyone of the guest that are listed. Each guest I have their Bio, their photos and the link to their show. There is a REPLY link for you to post your opinion of that specific show that you listen too.

I want to thank all my fans, and friends out there who have been loyal to my show and stuck by me during my hiatus and came back to the show when I did. I can’t THANK everyone out there for all your concern, prayers, cards, Mass cards for my darling wife during her life changing event.

She listens to each show since I have been back and tells me what she likes. She has always been there for me throughout my film career and now my radio show.

I welcome you all to the Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker show on LA TALK RADIO and to my new blog site. I hope everyone of you enjoy the show as much as I have doing them

Warmest regards,

Jack Marino