Radio Host, Conservative Political Activist, Writer and Tea Party Patriot Andrea Shea King

Air Date: March 2, 2014

Show #159

Andrea Shea King formerly of Salem Mass she stated The Andrea Shea King Show, she is a radio host, Columnist, weekly column 205972_10151346186852280_530419160_n“Surfin’ Safari”, WorldNetDaily and Author of blogsite RadioPatriot

Andrea is a conservative political activist. She has worked with the Tea Party and she is a patriot for the cause of liberty . Andrea’s radio program features top tier national guests. She has extensive broadcast experience, including anchoring and reporting for local television stations, including WESH-TV, Orlando FL.

She wrote a weekly column for Florida Today, hosted a conservative talk show on WDBO, Orlando; WMMB and WMEL in Melbourne, Fl ; and worked with a Fortune 500 company contracted to NASA on the space shuttle program, and prior to that, with NASA Public Relations at Kennedy Space Center.

 Andrea Shea King’s Interview