Minh Collins – Director and Producer

Air Date: Jan 26, 2014

Show #154

Minh Collins is a dynamic Director and Producer of film, TV and commercials. Initially, he
minhstarted his career in the medical field of Radiology, working at UCLA, until 1997, when he worked on the independent feature film “Sparkler.” This great experience motivated him to take the leap and change careers and he never looked back. He started out as a P.A., doing the typical grunt work that a P.A. does, and worked his way up through the industry
 learning everything he could along the way. Minh believes that everything and anything is possible if you work with your colleagues and staff showing respect to them along with the creative process. He has certainly proven that and this mindset and practice has molded Minh into the highly respected and sought out Filmmaker that he is today.

Minh is the CEO and Founder of OIC Productions LLC. His most current adventure, after bungee jumping and travelling to Brussels to scout the location for his next project, is wrapping up the full length feature film “Nightfalls” which is due for release in 2014.

The year 2007 brought Minh a chance to serve as line producer on “Man of a Thousand Faces,” a biography, documentary about the international mega star James Hong. In 2009, he also had the opportunity to direct two television pilots: “Bottom Feeders,” which went on to win the Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence in Filmmaking during the Honolulu International Film Festival and “Venice Beach Sushi.” In 2010, Minh directed the feature film “Hit List” a dark romantic comedy starring Joey Lawrence, Shirly Brener, Andrea Evans, Chris Owens, Curtis Armstrong and Laura Wiggins. This film is currently in international distribution.

His next project made a huge splash in several film festivals in Los Angeles. Minh directed the romantic comedy short “Gratuity.” Minh has also worked as a Recreation Producer on “Dark Art of Interrogation” and “Heroes Under Fire” for the prestigious History Channel.

Minh Collin’s Interview