Stuntman & Actor Pete Porteous

Air Date: Sunday Jan 12, 2014

Show #152


Hollywood Stuntman/Actor Pete Porteous was born in toronto canada in 1959 my dad 919183_235811616575938_1419196538_omoved us to north Hollywood in 1963..then to simi valley ca where 100s of western movies were shot in the 30s 50s home of the corriganville movie dad took me to the movie ranch to see a cowboy stunt show when i was 7..that was it I was hooked..corriganville closed but a small movie ranch called the spahn movie ranch was open it was a few miles up the road on the santa suzanna pass…the home of a guy named charles Manson..there i met a stunt man named shorty Shay..he took me under his wing and taught me how to do a saddle fall and how to take a punch..he was my first adult friend…wow what a guy i would ride my mini bike to the ranch every chance i had to see shorty..he inspired me to become not just a stuntman but to be a good guy..a day i went to see shorty…I could not find him so I asked charley and tex watson where shorty was..they told me he went on a trip and would not be back..later I found out they had Killed him..I was heart broken..I never forgot him and I went on to become a stuntman and have been now for over 30 years..thanks shorty.

 Pete Porteous’ Interview