Tony ‘Tony Nap’ Napoli Boxer,Veteran, Enforcer, Casino Boss, Fugitive and Son to a major Capo

Tony Nap’s Interview – 2hour showAir Date: July 12, 2013

Show #126

Tony “NAP” Napoli new book, “MY FATHER MY DON,” is a true story about a Son’s
CoverFront.jpg.w180h273Journey from Organized Crime to Sobriety and a Bond between a Father and Son that is stronger than Omerta the oath taken by Members of Organized Crime Families Tony Nap Napoli is the son of one of the most powerful Mob Bosses of his time James “Jimmy Nap” Napoli who was known as the adviser to all 5 Mafia families from New York to Las Vegas and operated the biggest Gambling Empire along the east coast from 1945 to 1990 and considered to be one of the most respected crime boss’s during his time for over 45 years “MY FATHER MY DON” also brings the reader into the world of Celeberties who socialized with members in the Mob it gives you the inside story of Boxing and who’s behind the scenes for fixed fights and how it was done how the Wiseguys and the man who replaced Bugsy Siegel (jimmy nap napoli) were able to control Casino operations from behind the scenes how credit was established without the use of credit cards with just a handshake and “who do you know ” how the mob collected their money from legalized Casinos how the wiseguys skimmed off the top in those Casino’s Tony Nap Napoli tells of how he became a boss and hired top entertainers for Casino operations in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Tony Nap Napoli was also a boxer, a soldier in the US Airforce, a fugitive, an enforcer, a hustler and above all, a husband and a father. And a son. 

Today Tony Nap Napoli is a volunteer helping indigent fighters who can’t fight anymore or afford to pay their medical bills through an organization called “Ring 8” he is also active in the movement helping Veterans fight for their Sevice-Connected injuries and helping recovering alcoholics find Sobriety. This is a must read book is a first person perpective into the world of Crime and in the end into the world of Sobriety

Tony Nap’s Interview – 2hour show