Jack Marino was out of town on family business and replayed show # 122 starring DENNIS WALSH

Show #122 Dennis Walsh, a Criminal and Civil Attorney who became an author of this riveting story called NOBODY WALKS. Dennis is the oldest son of a large Irish Catholic Family who stayed on the straight and narrow. Dennis found out that the connections from his family’s dubious background paired with his law degree in a unique position to finished the job the Cops might have been unable to do.

In 2003 Dennis younger brother, Christopher Walsh was found stuffed in a trash barrel in a storage locker in Van Nuys California. After an extensive murder investigation, it took seven months before charges were filed and more then four years to go to trial. Dennis Walsh it was up to him and him alone to keep his brother’s murder from becoming a cold case. Dennis swore to his brother Christopher, his children and the Walsh Family that ‘NOBODY WALKS’


Dennis Walsh Encore interview