Actor/producer Al Bandiero and Writer Wife Marlyn Bandiero

Show Date Oct 4, 2013

Show #138

My Guests Actor/producer Al Bandiero and his lovely and talented wife Marlyn. Al was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, a proud Italian-American. One of the most popular NewLead4x6radio personalities in New York City for many years along with successful nationally syndicated radio shows, Al started his acting career by appearing in the film Rocky IV. Since then, he has worked extensively in film and television; including starring in the Fox TV series Desire, the Independent film Go for It!, the lead in the current festival film shot in black and white 1950’s Film Noir style, The Company and television movie Scene of the Crime. He has also appeared in the television series’ Dragnet and The Practice. Al and his wife Marlyn currently have two film projects and a TV pilot in the works. He will work both in front and behind the camera on these projects.

Writer/producer, Marlyn Bandiero was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in New York City. Marlynepic1-1

Marlyn has two completed feature scripts one of which she has the rights to and is inspired by true events called Blue Betrayal. The story is about an innocent NYC cop who is sent to prison after being framed by his fellow officers and business partner. In prison, he discovers the depth of their deception and plots revenge. The second script, Reconciling Lola, is about a career obsessed high profile attorney has her estranged father thrown back into her life on the eve of her most important case and must re-enter the world of her eccentric colorful Cuban-American family.

Al & Marylne Bandiero