A cyber thriller called – BLACK HATS – Producer Bennie Swint & Errol Sadler, Director Laron Austin and starring Doris Morgado

“BLACK HATS” is an suspense action thriller about Elisha Flemming a peaceful Fugitive Recovery Agent who has just returned back to the profession part time and has decided to selectively apprehend only white- collar criminals.

6233_429324247133881_1105448223_nHis new way of thinking is in jeopardy when a co-worker, the tough as nails Janelle Ortiz receives a disturbing phone call from her eccentric brother Jacob that his life is in imminent danger.

Knowing Jacob and his friends who are extreme gamers are out on bail and that they have not reported in to her at the bail bond agency. Janelle enlist Elisha to help her locate her sibling because she fears the worst.

In doing so, they uncover that Jacob and friends who are known to the underground computer community as PANGEA are being tracked by an elite FBI group called C.A.T., and by an extremely dangerous bounty killer named Tillman who was once a mentor to Elisha.

With time of the most essence, and not on their side Elisha and Janelle must out flank the other two entities before the group members are captured or killed. Meanwhile a serious series of cyber viruses have been detonated by a mysterious an untouchable super hacker name Megabyte who has some close affiliation to hacker group Pangea.

“BLACK HATS” is an indie mini blockbuster with the spirit and brilliance of The Bourne Series. The charismatic flare of “Swordfish” and the impactful secret of “The Usual Suspects”


Errol Sadler (Producer)

Errol Sadler, raised in Brooklyn, NY, is the founder of
Supremacy Films, an Atlanta based film company
Errol-Thumbwhich he owns and operates with partner Brandon
“2Mill” Thaxton. He is becoming one of the most
sought after new Producers in the Atlanta’s Film

He made his Producer debut in 2009 with “Eros”, a
short dramatic thriller that deals with the
repercussions of Love, Lies, and deception. Instantly
this project was a hit, receiving com-cast on demand
distribution. Since then, Errol has partnered with Last Looks Inc. to Produce four short films “Up In Smoke”, “No Crime”, “Letters to a Father”, and “Prognosis”. These films  have been seen, submitted, and or screened at film festivals such as Atlanta Black Film Festival (ABFF), Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF), Long Island Film Festival (LIFF), Manhattan Film Festival (MIFF), Brooklyn Short Film Festival (BSFF), Women in Film and Television (WIFTA).

Recently Errol has joined forces with Symmetry Entertainment and C. Clear
Cinema to Produce “Echo At 11 Oak Drive”, a feature length film that tells three
stories that transpire under the same roof over three eras of time. 1951, 1973,
and 2010. This film was screened in Sundance 2013, and received great reviews.
The Short film “Echoes” was also accepted to Cannes Film Festival 2013. It is
currently pending a distribution deal.

He has also teamed up with Shadow Motion Picture, a Los Angeles based
Production company to Produce their latest Action packed feature length film
“Fixer”, which is based on the sisterhood of female assassins which can be seen
online. There is also a pending Deal with director R.L. Scott to Produce an action
packed boxing flick.

His partnership with Reel One Entertainment, an Atlanta based Production
company, stemmed the action packed film BlackHats 2013, and an Untitled
Boxing Film, slated to start principle photography in 2014. The trailer for
BlackHats can be seen on itunes.

Laron Austin – Director/Editor/Colorist

Laron is a 28-year-old Director and Editor born in Detroit, MI. He moved to Atlanta, GA and 526997_10100379622151187_1120280778_nhas been studying film as well as getting hands on experience in the Atlanta film community. His narrative short debut film B.A.M. screened in six film festivals including earning an audience award at the Urban Media Makers Film Festival for Best Short Film as well as honorable mention for Best Short Film at the Texas Black Film Festival.

LaRon has studied filmmaking at both the Art Institute of Atlanta as well as Georgia State University. His talented eye and editing skills attracted the attention of Producers Eddie Singleton and Martin Kelley who produced his first feature Beat Makers, a feature length documentary that explores the rise of in-home studio music producers, shot in 2006 and premiering in Fall of 2007 which is currently in distribution with Nelson Madison Films.

Laron also emerged as a talented music video director as well, directing several Hip-Hop music videos after the release of Beat Makers. Later, he shot, directed and edited the feature film Step Off, which was released by Lionsgate and found a broadcast home over the past two years on Starz. He is currently working on the cyber thriller BLACK HATS


Doris Morgado was born in Caracas, Venezuela and relocated with her Cuban-born family to Miami, FL at the age of 5. Her parents often worked three jobs at a time to support their
Doris Morgadofamily. Doris pushes herself to succeed with the same drive and intensity they’ve shown throughout her life.

Growing up as the middle child, Doris entertained herself by pulling pranks on her siblings. Her favorite was hiding under the bed and grabbing their legs as they walked by. Her pranks helped develop her patience and speed, as she would sometimes wait for hours under the bed and then make a quick getaway. Later she used this speed on the Florida International University’s track team, where she ran the 100 and 200-yard dashes   Doris knew she wanted to be an actress at a very young age and, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, she decided to pursue acting seriously. When she’s not working on her craft, you can find her volunteering at a faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry, including victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and trafficking. Fluent in Spanish and English, Doris aspires to be a positive role model in the Latino community by showing children the importance of education, perseverance, and following your dreams.    She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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