Actor, Producer, Director Clem Caserta

Air Date: June 7, 2013

Show #121

Clem Caserta aka Jimmy Whispers, Actor, Producer, Director who’s become a household
images-1name by working in many of the big Hollywood Iconic films such as The Bronx Tale, Analyze This, Goodfellas, Casino, The Untouchables, Black Rain, Night in the City and many many more. His very first role was a major role in Once Upon a Time in America.

Clem, has worked with many iconic stars such as Robert DiNiro, Robert Downey, Jr., Joe
Pesci, Molly Ringwald, Tony Bennett, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Jessica Lange, Alan King, Frank Vincent and Don Rickles.

He has worked with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood, Marty Scorsese, Harold Ramis, Irwin Winkler, Brian De Plama, Sergio Leone and Ridley Scott.

Clem Caserta not only had a major role in The Bronx Tale he also was consulting on Robert DiNiro’s first directing effort.l

If you want to hear a lot of the behind the scenes stories of these iconic films and legends, then listen to this show and hear Clem tell his stories of the great times working in all these films, that we all consider classics


The gangster-Mafia genre is rated as one of the most popular themes watched on television today. Jimmy Whispers Returns to Mulberry Street, encompasses all the elements that make the Sopranos so well received among audiences—family, food, principles, pride and tradition but with less violence and more Disney sensibility.

Imoviepostern this piece, the hero, Jimmy Whispers—(played by Clem Caserta—whose credits ranged from such films as Analyze This (1995), Casino (1994) and The Bronx Tale (1993) to name a few), returns to his neighborhood after serving 5 years in prison to find the streets corrupted with drugs and crime. His job, as head of the family, is to bring back the place people remember as a safe, comfortable community where respect was “understood.”

Caserta also the director of the film said, “I wanted to make a movie Italian-Americans would be proud to watch”. This movie represents those million of viewers who love and are loyal to this genre, but also the millions of unhappy Italian-Americans who feel programs like the Sopranos show Italians as brutal, murderous thugs. A Washington based group that promotes Italian American heritage, The National Italian-American Foundation is asking HBO to televise a disclaimer before or after each episode, stating that the series is not representative of the 25 million Americans of Italian heritage (CNN.Com from CNN Radio with Dick Uliano).

Caserta grew up in Little Italy on Mulberry Street and could recall the old neighborhood. He feels his film paints a “real” picture of what life use to be in the old hood. He achieved an authentic feel in his film by combining the principles of a documentary—unrehearsed dialogue, with the formula of a drama—scripted characters interactions. Most of the dialogue of the film was created on the spot.

According to Caserta, “My picture doesn’t have nudity, profanity or killing. It does943377_546060312099536_781963136_n have minimal violence…but this is necessary for the plot in order to establish the nemesis of the piece.” This is the first of a trilogy Caserta is producing to help promote programming that represents Italian-Americans in a less aggressive role as the Sopranos. Caserta, “My goal is to capture a portion of the audience that watches this type of genre but also gain the respect and interest of the millions of unhappy Italian-Americans who “protest” the Sopranos.

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 Clem Caserta’s Interview