Author Susan DeSantis-Ferritto FERRITTO: An Assassin Scorned

Air Date:
May 31, 2013

Show #120

Susan DeSantis-Ferrito she is the widow of Raymond W. Ferritto was the only mobster in weddingDaythe history of LA COSA NOSTRA that every destroyed a leadership, lived to tell about it and rose to become a boss. I was his witness – Susan DeSantis-Ferrirro

Susan takes you back to those infamous times with their extraordinary lives and how together, they mysteriously functioned in this dangerous and complicated world until Ray Ferritto died a peaceful death in 2004. As his wife and most trusted confidant, she had the rare privilege of slipping into a powerful role in this male dominated culture and reveals one of the Mob’s best kept secrets!

Finally, 35 years after the most notable crime figure turned government witness walked away from the Cleveland Crime Family’s kiss of death, and lived another twenty-five years to tell about it, his widow breaks her silence.

Raymond W. Ferritto, made man, dangerous killer, skilled safecracker, compulsive gambler, loan shark and power broker to La Cosa Nostra, was born ruthless and destined for control. He knew how to organize and carry out an assassination…and how to leave it behind. He was a highly respected underworld figure, with sights on becoming an underboss for the Cleveland Crime Family…until they betrayed him.

Setting him up “to take a bullet” for the gruesome bombing death of the notorious Danny “The Irishman” Greene, Ferritto instinctively struck back against the very constituents who ordered his murder after he did them the biggest favor of their lives.

With pure vengeance in his heart, mightier and more dangerous than a direct kill, he initiated his own public battle to destroy the Cleveland’s entire inner sanctum, consequently signing his own death warrant.

Struggling to stave off certain death, he laid out a radical plan of survival, defying the odds and triumphantly stepped into the position of ranking boss of Northwestern Pennsylvania. To this day, this bold and calculated move to seize his own territory even baffled the Feds…when he was never killed in retaliation.

 Susan DeSantis-Ferritto’s Interview


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