Boston Artist – Adriano Masciarelli & Scott Ross

Air Date:

May 3, 2013

Show #116

My guest are Adriano Masciarelli and Scott Ross two Boston talents that are working on a project to tell the story of that Boston sound and dancing that created Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch… Their project is called THE FLOORLORD

Adriano Masciarelli an independent actor/producer/filmmaker from Quincy Massachusetts. Masciarelli has inspired by family members in the industry (from Broadway to Hollywood)After acting in a few indie projects in recent years, his desire to create his own project manifested “Irish Whisper” as his first formal foray into screenwriting.adriano1

His Family owns Masciarelli wine it was estabilished in San Martino in 1978 by Gianni Masciarelli and starts producing wines in 1981. Today the Masciarelli winery is active in producing Wine, Extravirgin Olive Oil and it is also dedicated to Wine_Tourism tanks to the purchase and careful restauration of the Masciarelli Palace “Castello di Semivicoli”.

Scott Ross is originally from New Bedford but got my career started in Boston, Dorchester as a member of Mark Wahlbergs group THE FUNKY BUNCHin 1990 to 1997 Scott then adriwent on into Management in 1998 After Managing group ” LFO” Devin Lima, Tynisha Keli ” MCA Records” Heath Burgett ” Interscope Records”.

Scott opened A Performing Arts Studio in Cape Cod Called DREAM STUDIOS  And a Recording Studio call FULL SIRCLE STUDIOS with a good Friend of mine called K-FAM aka Ken Fambro

Scott has written scripts for TV reality shows and Movie trailers about 2yrs ago and came up with ” THE FLOORLORD” An exciting and darker twist to dance movies

Currently Adriano Masciarelli Is working with Scott Ross on a screenplay he is Writing called the Floorlords based on a true story

Adriano & Scott Interview