Filmmaker, Actor, Director Rick Groat

Air Date:

April 6, 2013

Show #112

7662872Groat Family Production is funding a campaign for a (real western action film), that has a great family story that will touch the heart, real action stunts, and a very talented cast. Rick Groat and Groat Family Productions brings a traditional style of film making in this action packed story of love, adventure, hardship, and over coming great odds, as a man must fight for his family in a savage time and place. The time is 1899, the place is the small town of Blue River in the high mountains of CA.”Read the story outline further down the page”. Groat Family Productions is teaming up in association with Wolf Brother Entertainment in this exciting production. Our film is very important to us. It will be a true western movie in every sense of the word. We will bring a story of traditional family values that will have you wanting to saddle you horse and ride with us, and you will be proud to be a part ot it. Our film has a beautiful look and will be shot on Epic cameras. Ride the Wanted Trail is real western .

5544383The Groat family, Over 50 years of movie and show biz history. Rick Groat will introduce you to the Groat Family Productions. We are proud to introduce the sequel to our award winning film “The Shooting story of the Kane Brothers.” A full length feature western movie “Ride the Wanted Trail” set to film in June 2013. Please take a look at all our information. Important: We will give a percentage of the film sales to research a cure for blood disease in children, and you can help us and be a part of it with your donation. Read more to learn how. From indie western films, acting, art, and our own western show, “We are the best of the west.”


Rick Groat’s Interview