Author & Historian Mike Mazzone

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Feb 22, 2013

Show # 106

My guest is author Hollywood Historian Mike Mazzone. Mike is an Errol Flynn MMazzoneaficionado& co-author of the Bool ERROL FLYNN SLEPT HERE. Mike is one of the original members of THE ADVENTURES a network of Errol Flynn fans that all connected in the early 70s to help each other for research and networking.

It was started by Robert Matzen in Chicago and it grew to include members like Olivia De Havilland, Author Tony Thomas, Rick Dodd, Trudy McVicker, and many more Errol Flynn fans. Most of us are all still in touch with each other after all these years  Mike Mazzone live in South Point Ohio  Married, 27 years, Wife Teresa, daughter, Rebecca 25 son Taylor 13 Mike calls myself an “Amateur Film Historian”Have assisted other authors with research, photos, information, etc He works as a buyer for a Wholesale food distributor



Michael Mazzone has been a researcher on the Golden Age for more the 30 years, specializing in John Barrymore, Lillian Gish, and Errol Flynn – and Flynn’s home studio, Warner Brothers, where Mazzone has gone behind the scenes.  He is approached often to help authors writing about Flynn and other topics and has contributed to among others, Thomas McNulty’s ERROL FLYNN: The LIfe and Career.  The 100 photos that Mazzone took of the house and the grounds at Mulholland Farm on his June 1987 visit served as a starting point for ERROL FLYNN SLEPT HERE.  This is his first book CLICK ON BOOK to see the video.

Mike Mazzone’s Interview