Boston Filmmaker Adriano Masciarelli

Adriano Masciarelli’s InterviewAir Date:

Friday Dec 7,2012

Show # 95

Adriano Masciarelli was born August 19, 1985 in Quincy Massachusetts. Masciarelli has inspired by family members in the industry (from Broadway to Hollywood)After acting in a few indie projects in recent years, his desire to create his own project manifested “Irish Whisper”


Adriano Masciarelli's Interview

IRISH WHISPER   –   Written by: Adriano Masciarelli

 After spending time behind bars, Jimmy (Nick Apostolides) is ready to start over. However, being long-separated from his family and ex-girlfriend, Donna (Karena Garabedian), due to a life of drugs and crime, he has a long way to go to make things right. When presented with a seemingly harmless shortcut to some fast money by his reckless friend, Billy (Adriano Masciarelli), he decides to gamble on the opportunity. What Jimmy doesn’t realize, is that Billy’s motives are skewed, and he is working for cold-hearted criminals who have no intentions on sparing any lives. When Jimmy and Billy figure out that they have been tricked, they finally learn the hard way that gang loyalty is a false promise.

A Boston based Production Company


 Produced by Billy V, Bobby Kennney, Alex Marguerite & Adriano Masciarelli

Directed By Ben Proulx

Starring Adriano Masciarelli

Also Starring John Fiore of the Sopranos & Mickey O’keefe from the fighter

cast also includes Billy V …Bobby Kenney, Karena Lyn

and the sisters from the movie The Fighter: Melissa Mcmeekin & Erica Mcdermott