Filmmaker Rick Groat

Air Date:
Friday, October 26, 2012

Show #89

Rick Groat Western action, classic characters, great stunts, and winner of the Golden Halo rickgroat_.jpgAward. By Director Rick Groat of Terror on Shadow Mtn. The Shooting Story of the Kane Brothers is a beautiful old time family western movie, shot in the style of films of the 1930’s—black and white, with heroes, bad guys, action, shootouts, and a love story. It has all the look and flavor of such films as early Lone Ranger, and The Big Trail, with big hats, and the characters are much like Tom Mix, or early John Wayne, and the big shootout scene that arrives at the end of the story is everything a western fan could want. The plot has warm and heart felt tones, rough and tumble action, a man of few words lead, an Andy Devine kind of sidekick, and a very mean and nasty villain. All with a sweet look and feel of the old western classics that gives the viewer a genuine example of old time film making. Authentically filmed on 16 mm, just like they did it in the 30’s, it is not only a good film, but a tribute to the old time western movie. “A genuine adventure from the days of yesteryear”.

Chalet Brannan stars of the soon to be made feature film “Ride the Wanted Trail & The Shooting: The Story of the Kane Brothers calls into the show to talk about working on her first Western and working with the Groat Family Wild West show.

Crystal Nicole Marcano another cast member calls in to say hello to Rick and talks about how much she is looking forward to working on a film with Rick Groat.

Rick Groat & Chalet Brannan’s Inteview

553701_558213610862184_1139599909_nCrystal Nicole Marcano