Filmmaker Rick Groat & his film the KANE BROTHERS

Air Date:
Friday, September 21, 2012

Show #84

Patrick Reed Johnson was schedule to be on tonight’s show to talk about his film. He called and was held up in a meeting that he couldn’t get out of.

Jack starts off the show talking about this unique film called, 5-25-77, by film director Patrick Reed Johnson who wrote, produced and directed it. This long awaited film is funny film about Pat’s life and the night STAR WARS open across America. Pat is promoting his film with a cross country tour called HEART OF DORKNESS.

Calling into the show is Western Filmmaker RICK GROAT talks about his WESTERN that he is working to finish the funding. So I will have an interesting show about what it takes to be an indie filmmaker. The show is about two independent filmmakers struggling to lock down the funding to make and market their films.

5 – 25 – 77 Story & Rick Groat’s Interview

                               The Shooting Story of the Kane Brothers – Trailer