Filmmaker Steve Latshaw

Air Date:
Friday, August 17, 2012

Show #79

Steve Latshaw, writer, director, filmmaker talks about his latest film THE RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS Steve talks about his career as an indie filmmaker with over 35 films to his credit. Steve really enjoyed making the sequel to this 1958 classic the Killer Shrews. Both films star James Best playing the same character in 50 years later.

Steve cast a new young actor, Sean Flynn the grandson of Errol Flynn in his first adult role. The film has been well received and this was the first film that Steve directed in Los Angeles area. Steve presents two new songs by Dean Torrance of the Jan & Dan late 50s early 60s doo whop group that created the original surfing sound. Dean himself sings on these songs along with this two daughters. Both songs are presented on this show.

Steve Latshaw’s Interview