Filmmaker Rick Groat

Air Date:
Friday, July 20, 2012

Show #75

Rick Groat western actor, writer, producer, and director. As an actor, Rick has over 40 films and TV credits ranging from a background actor, to starring roles, he has been performing in films, TV, and live shows since 1964. Some of his acting work can be seen on TV shows like “Wild West Tech” when he played many cowboy types, or on a horse in other western films like “Brothers in Arms” as a gunfighter.

His mother (Gypsy Bell Groat), was a child actor for MGM in the 40’s, and my Grandfather (Clifford Groat), was a director for the old silent films and early talkies at Pathé Studios. Rick has written the script for his life long project “The Shooting, Story of the Kane Brothers”, and set out with his family in the 60s to produce it as an independent film.

They are now looking to complete the post production on Kickstarter. Rick, owns and performs in, his families wild west show, ”The Groat Family Wild West Show,” with performances for many events from 1964 till now. Rick is an artist, art teacher of special needs children and he has illustrate many children’s books.

Rick Groat's Interview