Chris Mitchum – Candidate for Congress

Air Date:
Friday, May 25, 2012

Show #67

Chris Mitchum comes on the show to talk about the issues of our times and what his plans are to fix them once he is in Congress. Chris Mitchum was an accomplised actor for many years. He worked in many “A” films like Tombstone and Big Jake along side the likes of stars John Wayne and Olivia Hussey. The son of the legendary actor Robert Mitchum, and an actor himself, Chris is the former National VP of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), where he led a small group of board members who stopped Ed Asner from using his position as SAG president to support the Communist Sandanistas. Despite being outnumbered, they were successful and Asner did not seek reelection.

A Santa Barbara resident since 1984 and father of four, Chris is an advocate for the underdog and has worked with a number of charities and philanthropic endeavors. Chris Mitchum is now running in the 24th Congressional District and he describes himself as a ‘Constitutional Republican of the ilk of Goldwater and Reagan – both were family friends”

Chris Mitchum’s Interview