Writer G.T.Herrell

Air Date:
Friday, April 29, 2011

Show #64

G.T. Herrell author of the explosive book MEMBERS ONLY exposes the real truth and power behind the American Sicilian Mafia here in America. G T Herrell captures compelling life of the Mafia’s secret judge Paul ‘Lefty’ Della Universita, about his rise in the Mafia, of his life experiences with well-known gangsters and associates. The story of how Paul ‘Lefty’ would be the ‘Judge’ “the Consigliere for all five families.” here in America. G T Harrell recorded the conversations of Sonny Della Universita the youngest brother to Paul and he reveals a hidden Mafia secret that for years has been never told, until now.

G. T. Herrell’s Interview