Jerry Vario & Ed Lauter

Air Date
Friday, April 8, 2011

Show # 61

Jerry Vairo, the great nephew of famous mobster Paulie ‘Lefty’ Della Universita know as the ‘Judge’ with character actor Ed Lauter join me in studio on my show to talk about Jerry’s book MEMBERS ONLY: THE STORY OF THE MOB’S SECRET JUDGE. This book reveals new information of the inner workings of the Sicilian mafia here in America going back to the early 1900s.

Jerry tells in his book how his great uncle Paulie “Lefty’became the most powerful advisor in the Cosa Nostra. Jerry Vairo heard all these stories growing up in Brooklyn and in Little Italy from his Grandmother who was Paulie’s oldest sister, to all this great aunts, uncles associates, friends, people that lived in Mott street during the heyday of when that was where all the mob families would meet. Even Paulie’s young brother Sonny who is still alive tells of his first hand experience of what when on in the five families. Be sure to buy this unique and fascinating book MEMBERS ONLY: The Story of the Mob’s Secret Judge.

Jerry Vario & Ed Lauter Interview