Undercover Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr.

Air Date:
Friday, January 14, 2011

Show #49

Ernie Lijoi, Sr. former Boston area Detective tells his life story of working with local, state and federal agencies to solve some major crimes from the 1970’s to the late 1980’s. He was “deep undercover” in his early years working with the Quincy police. In fact, Ernie Lijoi, actually, became “Eddie Pannoni,” and donned all the trappings of a street thug and mobster. Under the guise of ‘EDDIE PANNONI’ who deals with the Mafia figures to recover millions of dollars in stolen bonds. Then, while forced to shoot and kill a rapist, he is shot and stabbed. The time he was shot at by fellow police officers, leads a high speed chase through three States, and helps seized millions of dollars worth of drugs, weapons and the stolen 1629 original Charter of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You can read all of these exciting stories in Ernie Lijoi’s books “Street Business”, “Shoveling The Tide”, “Chasing Snow” and soon to be released, “Myth or Meth” and ” The Cash Mule”.

Ernie Lijoi, Sr. Interview