Premier Private Chef Richard Florczak

Air Date:
Friday, August 20, 2010
Show #28
RIchard Florczak, Hollywood’s Premier Private Chef! Richard Florczak, has been the
rickcookprivate chef to high profile people for more than fifteen years. He is the author of the a new and fascinating cookbook “The Private Chef” For the past nine years Richard has been the
full-time exclusive chef for actor and director Mel Gibson and was recently sought after by Jennifer Garner to provide services on a part-time basis Cookbooks written by restaurant chefs don’t always lend themselves well to cooking at home. Typically, restaurant chefs have groceries and supplies delivered right to the door, and a full staff to support them. “The Private Chef” is different.
Richard Florczak,  the private chef to Mel Gibson, shows you how to prepare and present delicious five star creations from items purchased at your grocery store. Chapters include;  Starters: Hors d’Oeuvres, Soup, Salads, Main Courses including Meat, Pasta & Rice, Fish & Seafood, Vegetarian and Sides, Desserts, Preparation Countdowns for each menu, Shopping tips, Richard’s Pantry.                                            
                                                                              Richard Florczak’s Interview