Filmmaker Victor Alexander

Air Date
Friday, June 25, 2010

Show # 20

Independent filmmaker and one man film studio Vic Alexander who is an American Filmmaker Vic Alexanderfilmmaker with 35 years of experience shooting movies all over the world. A graduate of the San Francisco State University Film Department. Vic Alexander has worked as cinematographer, editor, film director (between 1970 and 1992), and university instructor in the Cal State University system (1993-1999).

Since 2000, Vic Alexander has returned to independent filmmaking in Southern California. In addition to writing about film, Vic Alexander also writes on a variety of subjects, including religion and history. Tonight Vic explains film vs digital and why film is so much better and is still used by the major motion picture studios.

He has written a book on the process of making films called, FILMMAKING A to Z which is now on Amazon.

Victor Alexander’s Interview

Filmmaking from A to Z by Vic Alexander