Golden Globe & Emmy Award Winning Actor Michael Moriarty

Air Date:
Friday, May 7, 2010

Show #16

Jack welcomed to the show Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor, Michael Moriarty listen to the outstanding interview with Michael as he discusses his acting and writing career; what it is like having strong conservative ideals working in the entertainment business; about his strong passionate belief in the founding documents; his vehement stand against Roe Vs Wade and what this unconstitutional ruling has done to the soul of America.

Michael touched on his work as a writer/actor in his new film “Hitler meets Christ” Listen to one of Hollywood’s top talents who isn’t afraid to voice his religious,conservative and patriotic beliefs in a town that shuts out all opposing views. A show not to miss!

Michael Moriarty is one of the great character T.V. actors of all time. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1941. Moriarty was to move to London, England, where he built up a name as a great stage actor. It was also here he attended London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts as a Fullbright Scholar and as a student of Stella Adler. Michael Moriarty also had early employment selling encyclopedias and tyres. Moriarty from 1971 was to star in a number of successful movies, like Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) and The Last Detail (1973), but his biggest success was to follow when he won a Golden Globe for his performance as the cruel, old, vicious Erik Dorf in “Holocaust” (1978) (a 1978 mini series), which also stars James Woods.

Michael Moriarty’s Intervieww

Michael Moriarty

Hitler Meets Christ Trailer

Hitler meets Christ