Rocket Boy/October Sky – Author Homer Hickam

Air Date: May 25, 2014

Show #171

Homer Hickam has written nineteen books including the acclaimed #1 New York Times headshotmemoir Rocket Boys which was made into the film October Sky. Rocket Boys is studied in hundreds of schools and is popular around the world. It is also being developed as a Broadway musical with Mr. Hickam as co-writer. When asked what it takes to write a successful memoir, Mr. Hickam replies, “It helps to have an interesting life.”

Mr. Hickam was raised in Coalwood, West Virginia, the second son of the mine superintendent, Homer Hickam, Sr., and his wife Elsie. His father loved Coalwood and its mine, his mother hated both. “Sonny,” as he was known then, was caught in the middle. Then he began to build rockets and live the story he would so famously tell.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Mr. Hickam served in the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam. Afterwards, he was an engineer for the Army Missile Command in Huntsville. He also became a scuba instructor and was awarded Alabama’s highest award for heroism for his underwater rescue work. With NASA in Huntsville, he trained astronauts and designed spacecraft. He wrote about that in a memoir titled Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space. He is also an amateur paleontologist who discovered two Tyrannosaurus rexes. He wrote about that, fictionally, in a novel titled The Dinosaur Hunter.

Mr. Hickam’s first book was Torpedo Junction, the true story of the battle against the U-boats along America’s coasts during World War II. Then came Rocket Boys , a National Book Critics Circle Award nominee among many other honors. Other books followed including the memoir sequels The Coalwood Way and Sky of Stone plus his popular Josh Thurlow novels—The Keeper’s Son, The Ambassador’s Son, and The Far Reaches— and his latest, the Helium-3 series titled Crater, Crescent, and, most recently, Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company. More than anything, Mr. Hickam says he loves to write and hopes that is how he will be remembered—a writer who knew how to tell a good story.

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Senior Studio Executive & Author Neil Russell

Air Date: May 18, 2014

Show #170

Neil Russell is the founder and president of Site 85 Productions, Inc. which creates, neilrussellacquires and licenses intellectual properties for exploitation across all entertainment media. Site 85 also produces motion pictures, television and music and has begun publishing books through its Rothington House imprint. Over the course of his career, Neil has acquired the rights to hundreds of books, screenplays, short stories, formats, life stories, titles, trademarks and pitches.

Born into a theatre-owning family, Neil began his career in theatres then joined Paramount Pictures and later, Columbia, in theatrical distribution where he was privileged to handle some of the highest grossing and most critically-acclaimed motion pictures of the time, including THE GODFATHER I and II, CHINATOWN, SERPICO, DEATH WISH, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and THE WAY WE WERE. Recruited by MGM in New York just prior to their acquisition of United Artists, he was charged with merging then heading the combined companies’ television distribution units.

During his tenure at MGM/UA, he oversaw the sales, advertising partnerships and extended rights exploitation of the largest film library in the world—more than 4000 titles—including the 700 Warner Brothers Pre-1948 pictures: CASABLANCA, THE AFRICAN QUEEN; the 717 Pre-1948 RKO pictures: CITIZEN KANE, KING KONG, IT’S WONDERFUL LIFE; the MGM library: GONE WITH THE WIND, THE WIZARD OF OZ, BEN-HUR; the United Artists library: THE PINK PANTHER franchise, the JAMES BOND franchise, the ROCKY franchise, MIDNIGHT COWBOY, APOCALYPSE NOW and more than 100 television series. He also worked closely with MGM/UA’s bankers to maintain the company’s lines of credit

“It was just after midnight when the girl in the
blue diamond necklace fell out of the sky.”

In Hollywood, an ex-con movie producer, fresh out of San Quentin, is lucky if he can get a valet to take his car at The Ivy. Teddy Chessman got his own studio.

Why? Because Teddy controls the most important motion picture property to hit town since agents were invented. And attached to this expected critical and financial bonanza is the biggest female action star in the world, Valentine Jones.

But good plans die horrible deaths, and foolproof ones, worse. And now, the guy who loaned Teddy the money to buy the joint—Rail Black, a former Delta Force operator with a private fortune—is forced to take possession of Teddy’s dream. And the bad news is just beginning.

Exploding from ninety years in the past—when gangsters and movie tycoons roamed Hollywood and scratched each other’s wallets—Rail is sucked into a quicksand of unsettled scores, duplicity and death, where a couple of billion dollars in boxoffice seems like small change.

From Southern California to New York, Venice, Havana, Mexico and Cyprus, Rail must disentangle the past from the present and come to terms with his feelings for Barrie Fontaine, a long dead woman—and extraordinarily brave pilot—he has never met.

And somewhere, out there, is Matty Aspirins, a hitman on a mission all his own.

Welcome to Beverly Hills is Burning.


 Neil Russell’s Interview


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Actor & Author James Rosin

Air Date: May 11, 2014

Show #169

James Rosin who was born and raised in Philadelphia, James graduated from Temple jamesrosin_colUniversity’s School of Communications with a degree in broadcasting. In New York, he studied acting with Bobby Lewis, and appeared in plays off-off Broadway, in New England summer stock, and on the ABC daytime drama Edge of Night. In Los Angeles, he appeared on General Hospital, and in addition played featured and co-starring roles in episodic TV series such as Mike Hammer, T.J. Hooker, Quincy M.E., The Powers of Matthew Star, Cannon, Mannix, Banacek, Adam-12, Love American Style, and two mini series: Once An Eagle, and Loose Change. He has written stories and teleplays for network television series including Quincy M.E. (NBC), Capitol (CBS), and Loving Friends and Perfect Couples (Showtime). His full-length play, Michael in Beverly Hills, a comedy-drama, premiered at American Theater Arts in Los Angeles and was later presented off-off Broadway, at the American Musical Dramatic Academy’s Studio One Theater.

James has written and produced two one-hour sports documentaries, which have aired on public television: Philly Hoops: The SPHAS and Warriors (about the first two professional basketball teams in Philadelphia) and The Philadelphia Athletics 1901 – 1954 (about the former American League franchise). His first book, Philly Hoops: The SPHAS and Warriors, was published in October of 2003, followed by Rock, Rhythm & Blues, in 2004, and Philadelphia: City of Music, (2006). In recent years, he began to author books about classic TV series, revisiting shows he felt were unique, entertaining, and enjoyed by millions of viewers: Route 66 The Television Series 1960 – 1964, (2007) (Revised Edition 2011), Naked City: The Television Series, (2008), Wagon Train: The Television Series, (2008), Adventures in Paradise: The Television Series, Quincy ME: The Television Series (both released in 2009), The Invaders: A Quinn Martin TV Series, and Peyton Place The Television Series (both released in 2010) and The Streets of San Francisco: A Quinn Martin TV Series.(2011). He has also been a contributing writer to Classic Images and Films of the Golden Age Magazine.      Check out:   James Rosin Website


 James Rosin’s Interview

James Rosin & Roy Thinnes of the Invaders

Independent Filmmaker Tino Luciano

Air Date: May 4,2014

Show # 168

Tino Luciano has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment community. Tino, as the 1982284_248443942009164_2998387949835964449_nDirector, has a God given talent and a director’s eye that gives the productions a standard of quality and excellence that is unsurpassed. In the photo on the left, Tino is in deep thought as he assesses the street scene for a big gunfight in one of our episodes. When asked how he directs such busy and big scenes, he replied, “The first thing I do is pray for an open mind and I ask the Lord to clear my head so I can focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I then ask for the safety of my cast and crew. Then, I just let it play through in my head and I watch it unfold from there.”
Tino is committed to using the production company that he founded to bring the message of hope, inspiration and redemption to a starving world in search of meaning and purpose. In our days that lack morality, spiritual values and devotion to God, family and friends, Tino is dedicated to reuniting and gathering the family together through a common interest of viewing the classic westerns that he himself watched growing up as child.

Tino knows that without a dedicated staff beside him, he has nothing more than a company, but it is the crew, he says that makes it a PRODUCTION COMPANY! “Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication to Law Dog. Thank you for standing beside me, not in front or behind, but beside me all the way! Please help me recognize the crew below and know that without them, Law Dog Productions would still be working on their first episode! You’ll never know how you all have blessed me. I am humbled to have such a great crew!!”


Tino Luciano’s Interview


Independent Film – FAVOR “A friend helps you move. A good friend helps you move a body.”

Air Date: April 27,2014

Show #167

PAUL OSBORNE WRITER/DIRECTOR (Director ” fficial Rejection” w/Danny Trejo, Jennifer Tilly, Jenna Fischer, Kevin Smith, Traci Lords, Bryan Singer, David Faustino, Andy Dick, Troy Duffy & Lloyd Kaufman)

PATRICK DAY – LEAD ACTOR (Actor FX Pilot: “The Bride” w/Diane Kruger. “Waiting For Ophelia” w/Yeardley Smith. “Huckleberry Finn” w/Geraldine Page, Frederick Forrest & Lillian Gish. “Earnest Goes To Camp” w/Jim Varney)

JOE KRAEMER – COMPOSER (Composer “Jack Reacher” w/Tom Cruise. “Way Of The Gun” w/Ryan Phillippe, Benicio Del Toro & Juliette Lewis)

FAVOR Trailer – “A friend helps you move. A good friend helps you move a body.”

Kip Desmond has gotten everything he’s ever wanted: a thriving career, beautiful wife, and 31b736_17bdb4a7041a89797b6cc5d2a52ef3f2.jpg_srz_407_617_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzan affluent lifestyle, all of which is put in jeopardy when Abby, the waitress with whom he’s having a casual fling, is accidentally killed in their motel room. Desperate, he ends up on the doorstep of childhood friend Marvin Croat and asks him for a massive favor: help get rid of the body.

Marvin, an unemployed and divorced loser, agrees to make the body disappear, but the reality of actually performing this gruesome act drives Marvin into a state of deep depression and guilt. He turns to Kip for solace and comfort, since he’s the only other person who knows what’s happened, but Kip, wanting to stay removed from the situation, insists the two keep their distance. Increasingly angered by what he feels is a callous betrayal, Marvin begins to ask Kip for favors that soon grow in size and difficulty.

When Kip tries to refuse, Marvin threatens to go to the authorities with information about Abby’s death. Although Marvin’s ploy works at first, eventually Kip refuses to give into this blackmail, forcing Marvin to resort to more violent methods of getting the payback he feels he deserves. This leads both men to murderous acts neither had ever suspected themselves capable of.

 FAVOR – Producer – Star & Composer Interview


Author Jim Turiello

AirDate: April 20, 2014

Show# 166

Jim Turiello grew up in Washington Heights, New York, where he went to the many movie P1040959palaces in his neighborhood, as well as those at Times Square. As a prolific writer his contributions to music, movie and collectable magazines are too numerous to mention. His James Dean card set which included a narrative is still the best selling item at the James Dean Museum in Fairmount, Indiana, Dean’s hometown. He loves to travel and has been to most Caribbean Islands, of course Jamaica, and a place Errol would have loved, Puerto Rico. As a follow up to his book, Errol Flynn: The Quest for an Oscar, Marilyn Monroe: The Quest for an Oscar will be released in late summer of this year.

Jim Turiello’s Interview