Author, writer Thomas McNulty

Tom McNulty’s InterviewAir Date: Sunday April 13, 2014

Show #165

Thomas McNulty was born in Chicago and is a graduate 26897_1268224236782_4686674_nof Columbia College’s famed writing program. He is the author of the critically acclaimed biography Errol Flynn: The Life and Career, the culmination of over a decade of research and writing.

His celebrity interviews, articles, essays, book reviews and film reviews have appeared in numerous publications – from the slicks to the pulps – including: American Cowboy, Filmfax, The Big Reel, Classic Images, Films of the Golden Age, Kung-Fu Magazine, Mystery News, Comic Effect and Scary Monsters among others.

Tom has also published poetry in various literary journals. He is an enthusiastic martial artist and has a black belt in Kyuki-Do, a martial art which he has been practicing for many years. He is also an avid shooting enthusiast, particularly with guns from the American frontier era. He competes regularly in Cowboy Action shooting competitions.

Tom made his (brief) screen debut as an extra playing a “bank clerk” in the film Road to Perdition (2002), starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. He was a research contributor (stills and research material) to the documentary The Adventures of Errol Flynn, for Top Hat Productions (air date on Turner Classic Movies: April 5, 2005). He was also a contributor to the documentary Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn, Flaming Star Films, for BBC Australia and released in March 2007.

Recently Tom provided the audio commentary for the Warner Brothers DVD release of Rocky Mountain starring Errol Flynn (released August 29, 2008).

And finally, Tom can be seen on the TV Land program, Myths & Legends, as a guest commentator. Tom’s episode is titled “Curses, Corpses and Alice Cooper.” The original air date was November 12, 2008 and it replays occasionally. He continues to publish in mainstream, independent press, and specialty print-on-demand venues. He is a member of The Society of Midland Authors. Tom lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois with his wife, Jan, and daughter, Brenna.

Tom McNulty’s Interview


Congressional Candidate for the 30th District Mark Reed

Air DATE: APRIL 6, 2014

Show #163

MARK REED congressional Candidate for the 30th district of California. Mark is the only true Reagan conservative constitutionalist running in his district.


markreedMark Reed is the 2014 Republican candidate challenging incumbent Congressman Brad Sherman in the 30th Congressional District of California. Mark ran against Congressman Brad Sherman in 27th District in 2010. Mark had the second smallest margin in the State of Calif. challenging an incumbent Democrat. Mark is now endorsed by over a hundred national, state and local elected officials and leaders. The list includes leaders like Michael Reagan, Amb. John Bolton and Michael Antonovich.

He was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Born August 11, 1957, Mark is a descendant of the Mohawk and Apache tribes, mixed with German, English, Spanish and French. After graduation from El Camino Real High School in 1975, Reed studied Architectural Drafting at Pierce Jr. College from 1976-1978.

Reed, age 57, is a successful actor, small businessman, rancher and an advocate for 320681_283241835020926_1063941457_nconstitutional government as specified by our Founding Fathers. After working in management positions for several years, he bought his first company at age 26 and opened a small retail store. He sold both and bought out his second company at age 32.
He has sat on the board of directors of several companies, chaired many national committees and currently sits on the board of directors of the CAB at KCET. He is the National Representative for American Indians, dealing with the national issues concerning Indians in Media and diversity contracts with the networks and studios. He has testified several times about vertical integration and consolidation of our media to the Federal Communications Commission. Reed says; “These actions by media is destroying our ability to receive un-bias reporting of what is happening today in our country.”

Reed has been actively involved in the Veterans’ efforts to save the VA Sepulveda and West Los Angeles medical centers from encroachment by private sector developers (profit and non-profit). Reed believes that Veterans land is sacred.

Reed is an avid rancher, horseman, outdoorsman, community advocate and animal lover. He enjoys freshwater and deep sea fishing, hiking and helicopter flying. He is an environmentalist and believes in the preservation of open space and wild scenic rivers.

A dedicated family man, Reed married Nina, his childhood sweetheart, August 19, 1978. They have three adult children: Son Mark, Jr. 32, Daughters Tania 31 and Jessica 29. They also have 7 beautiful grandchildren: Angelica 10, Ashlynn 3, Cloe 8 and Kalei 7, Michael and Riley twins, eleven months, Autumn, 6months. Mark and Nina have their 8th and 9th grandchildren on their way and they are here born Nov.14th 2013


I have twelve important reasons for caring what happens in Congress – my three children and my nine grandchildren. My wife, Nina, and I have taught them to work before they play, to save before they spend. They’re resourceful, thrifty, and self-reliant. But it almost 308037_283241881687588_1493816689_ndoesn’t matter. Because every time Congress bails out another bank, automaker, insurer, or mortgage lender, they pile debt on my children and grandchildren.

If you take the national debt as it now stands, and divide it equally among every man, woman, and child in the country, we each owe $37,000. That number will more than double over the next ten years. That has real-life consequences. When my ten-year-old granddaughter graduates from college, her share of the national debt is likely to be as high as $100,000.

John Adams said, “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by arms. The other is by debt.” I want to keep my children free. I’m running for Congress to restore fiscal discipline. I will work to cut spending, cap the budget at 18% of the GDP and pass a balance budget amendment. We need to grow the economy and pay off our debt!

Mark Reed’s Interview


Stuntman, Actor Dean Smith

Air Date: March 31, 2014

Show #163

Dean Smith Actor/Stuntman, born in Breckenridge Texas in 1932, Finis Dean Smith was deanbookraised by his paternal grandmother and grandfather after his mother died when he was two. Dean grew up watching westerns at the local theaters and dreamed of following in his many western hero’s footsteps to be apart of Hollywood and make westerns.

He was an outstanding athlete in Graham High School making Look Magazine’s All American in the 100 yard dash. He went on to have an outstanding career at the University of Texas in track and football. He won eight Southwest Conference titles and won every major relay in the US including the National Championships. He went to the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki Finland and won the gold in the 400 meter relay. He got beat in the 100 meters in the closest finish in Olympic history.

He did two years in the Army and played for the LA Rams. His Olympic roommate J.W. Mashburn introduced him to his good friend James Garner. Garner helped Dean get into the business and he made a name doing stunts and doubling many leading men like Dale Robertson, Robert Redford, so many in fact they are too numerous to count. He made 10 movies with John Wayne. His first “The Alamo” (his favorite) made in 1959 in Texas is where he became acquainted with the John Wayne family. He has held them in his heart ever since with much admiration and love.

Dean retired in 1992 and returned to Texas and the land he grew up on. After two months home his former wife had a horrible car accident and became a complete paraplegic and eventually lost her life.

 Dean Smith’s Interview