Actor, Writer, Raconteur, Adventurer Steve Hayes

Air Date: Feb 23, 2014

Show #158

Steve Hayes, writer, actor, producer. Steve first came to Hollywood in 1949, stayed a brief stevenowandthentime, then went back to Canada and returned in 1950 to stay. Errol Flynn had promised to sponsor him but didn’t (typically) so it took him a little while to find one. He then began acting and got my first part at 20th century Fox (where he was later was put under contract) in the movie: Bells on Their Toes.

Steve will talk about about Ava Gardner and his relationship with her, whom he met at Errol Flynn’s house with her ex-husband, Mcikey Rooney. He is pretty sure that was the first time he met her–though he did know Lana Turner, whom he knew well, also introduced me to Ava–but he says, that was when Ava said we’d already met at Flynn’s. He will talk about various other movie stars who were in some way attached to her or that he met through her, etc. Lana Turner, Sinatra, Robert Taylor, names like that.

Steve has often told me he never quite gotten fully over Ava, which is understandable. Sinatra never did either. But she was hard to love. She swore like few women he ever known–especially in an era when normal girls barely said shit. Steve not only knew Lana Turner but worked on a film called Diana or Dian (I’l look it up) that co-starred a young Roger Moore. He met Rita Hayworth when I painted her house with my pal and house-painter, Dick Morris. Later, he saw her again and they briefly talked Hollywood, including about her being neighbors of Glenn Ford

At Errol Flynn’s he became friends with Ann Sheridan, the Ooomph Girl, who was one of Flynn’s buddies and romantic interests years prior. Steve actually punched out actor Bruce Cabot at a party at Flynn’s. Ida Lupino was a close pal of Errol’s–I think they cared for one another–and years later, she became a director (Thriller or Chiller) of a weekly TV show. Bob Middleton, Steve;s mentor, starred in one show and Steve went to several days of shooting and talked at great lengths with Ida.

Steve’s birth name was Ivan Hayes, which he soon changed to Steve Hayes because Ivan is Russian for John Fox insisted he change his name to something more American. he stole the name of Steve from his buddy, Mr. America Steve Reeves, who starred in European films like Hercules.

Steve Haye’s Interview


Literary Agent/Manager & Producer Bettina Viviano

Air Date: Feb16, 2014

Show # 157

Bettina Viviano – Producer

Bettina Viviano has had a successful career in entertainment as a producer and literary bettina with puppymanager for over thirty years. She began her career at the prestigious William Morris as an agent trainee, before moving on to Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, where she attained the position of Vice President of Production. At Amblin, Bettina worked on such movies as “Back to the Future 2 and 3,” “Cape Fear,” “Land Before Time,” “Schindler’s List,” “Always,” “Roger Rabbit” and “Indiana Jones 3” as a Production Executive on over 40 movies and two seasons of NBC series “Amazing Stories.”

After leaving Amblin, Bettina became a literary agent at BBMW, representing writers and directors. In 1990 she began her own production and management company, Viviano Entertainment, Inc. and since has sold pitches, scripts books, etc. for millions of dollars on behalf of her clients. As producer, Bettina has made a long list of movies including “Three to Tango,” “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire,” “Family Sins,” “Strange Hearts,” “Nightmare Man,” “Alibi,” and “Caught in the Act.” She currently has many high level studio and independent pictures in development including “Freedom House” (Warner Brothers) and Indie films “American Crawl” (writer/director Brad Novicoff), “Man, Interrupted” (writer/director Zack Adler) and “Nest of Lies” (director Mikael Solomon).

Bettina recently served as Executive Producer on Sony Pictures film “Jack and Jill,” starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino, which was released in November of 2011, the script for which she sold for $1 Million Dollars to Sony. She also just served as Executive Producer on independent film “American Romance”, starring DeVeigh Chase, Nolan Funk and John Savage, which is scheduled for release in 2014. And, Bettina is in pre-production on an historical drama feature film entitled “Degas” for Magnet Media, which will be directed by Menna Yapo.

 Bettina Viviano’s Interview


Entertainment Attorney & Producer Frank DiMartini

Air Date: Feb 9, 2014

Show #156

Frank DiMartini Producer & Entertainment Attorney comes on the show to discuss runaway film production and how conservatives are being treated here in Hollywood. Frank 255252_10150974585179601_1104725365_nbegan his entertainment career 20 years ago as an entertainment attorney specializing in representing actors, writers, producers and directors. Soon, he became a specialist in representing not only the above the line elements but also all aspects of motion picture and TV production from development through financing and distribution.

His film credits include those of associate producer on the independent feature Loving Deadly; producer on Motel Blue starring Sean Young and Robert Vaughn; Crocodile directed by horror icon Tobe Hooper; In the Shadow of the Cobra starring Sean Young and Rutger Hauer; Shadow of Fear starring James Spader, Robin Tunney and Aiden Quinn; Mozart and the Whale, starring Josh Hartnett and Radha Mitchell; Journey to the End of the Night starring Brendan Fraser and Mos Def; Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes, The Prince and Me: The Elephant Adventure, Elephant White, starring Djimon Honsou and Kevin Bacon and Ninja 2.


Frank DiMartini’s Interview


Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Conservative Activist & Candidate for Congress

Show Date: Feb 2,2014

Show #155

Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host in Southern California. His radio program, Constitution 227881_10151182211104933_2085094216_nRadio, currently airs on Saturdays at 2:00 pm Pacific Time on KCAA 1050 AM. He also co-hosts American Daily Review Radio on BlogTalkRadio at Noon Pacific Time. In addition to being a longtime radio host, Doug is also a conservative political activist, writer, publisher, and commentator. Doug is the author of the book “25 Myths of the United States Constitution,” founder of the award winning Political Pistachio website, and a free lance newspaper columnist for the Murrieta Patch and The Central Idaho Post.

He writes for and publishes the Constitution News Quarterly news periodical, which is targeted to launch nationwide in February of 2014. He also writes for Canada Free Press, Conservative Crusader, Conservative Action Alerts, Conservative Network News, Christian Response Alerts, Flash Point 2016, and The Examiner. He has been featured on the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow news portal a number of times. Doug is a member of the “Unite Inland Empire” patriot group coalition, the “American Authors Association”, the “Committee of Concerned Journalists” and “The Military Writers Society of America.”

He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and was a candidate for his local Murrieta City Council in 2010. Doug organized, and operates the Constitution Association, and is the senior editor for his publishing company, the Constitution Association Press. He is an active member of the Tea Party Movement, manning a Constitution Booth at Tea Party events, is a public speaker on the U.S. Constitution, and teaches classes on the U.S. Constitution. Doug is a family man, married 29 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has six grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy

 Doug V Gibbs’ Interview


Minh Collins – Director and Producer

Air Date: Jan 26, 2014

Show #154

Minh Collins is a dynamic Director and Producer of film, TV and commercials. Initially, he
minhstarted his career in the medical field of Radiology, working at UCLA, until 1997, when he worked on the independent feature film “Sparkler.” This great experience motivated him to take the leap and change careers and he never looked back. He started out as a P.A., doing the typical grunt work that a P.A. does, and worked his way up through the industry
 learning everything he could along the way. Minh believes that everything and anything is possible if you work with your colleagues and staff showing respect to them along with the creative process. He has certainly proven that and this mindset and practice has molded Minh into the highly respected and sought out Filmmaker that he is today.

Minh is the CEO and Founder of OIC Productions LLC. His most current adventure, after bungee jumping and travelling to Brussels to scout the location for his next project, is wrapping up the full length feature film “Nightfalls” which is due for release in 2014.

The year 2007 brought Minh a chance to serve as line producer on “Man of a Thousand Faces,” a biography, documentary about the international mega star James Hong. In 2009, he also had the opportunity to direct two television pilots: “Bottom Feeders,” which went on to win the Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence in Filmmaking during the Honolulu International Film Festival and “Venice Beach Sushi.” In 2010, Minh directed the feature film “Hit List” a dark romantic comedy starring Joey Lawrence, Shirly Brener, Andrea Evans, Chris Owens, Curtis Armstrong and Laura Wiggins. This film is currently in international distribution.

His next project made a huge splash in several film festivals in Los Angeles. Minh directed the romantic comedy short “Gratuity.” Minh has also worked as a Recreation Producer on “Dark Art of Interrogation” and “Heroes Under Fire” for the prestigious History Channel.

Minh Collin’s Interview