Patriot, Blogger, Mark ‘SNOOPER’ Harvey

Air Date: Dec 27, 2013

Show #150

my guest Mark L. Harvey aka SNOOPPER on the blogs. Mark is a veteran in the US Military and had his own radio on BLOG TALK RADIO

We will be talking about the passing of a great American Patriot Tim “Loki” Kerlin is a very close friend of Mark.loki andrea shea king722682_n  We met upon many occasions and even though he stood about 5 feet tall, he was a GIANT in my eyes. He was a Patriot and a Constitutional Scholar above everyone else I have ever met or listened to because he actually READ the document and healso read Madison’s Notes on the Constitution from 1787.

As for me, I spent years and years fighting for this country and most of the “battles” fought will never be talked about. My “handle” is Snooper and that was given to me by people I talked to “on the radio” of times past. Try and figure out what a “snooper” is and that’s me…I was good at it.

Many things I cannot divulge but I am a Patriot’s Patriot and this is why people like Loki and I get along as well as we do. When Loki was sailing off of Iran in ’79, I was IN Iran at that time. That’s all I can say about that.

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