Conservative Constitutionalist Andy Limbaugh

Air Date: Sunday Jan 19, 2009

Show #153

Andy Limbaugh

Born and raised in Southeast Missouri, Andy Limbaugh provides a lifetime of knowledge and expertise of the entire U.S. political process including advocacy, campaigning and a successful U.S. Congressional election of the Honorable William (Bill) Emerson, Missouri 8th Congressional District, 1982. Andy has been a FEMA representative, a registered lobbyist with the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate and a liaison between private sector and U.S. Government agencies including the General Services Administration (GSA). Limbaugh has been integral in development and operations management of corporate structure including management, finance, audit, legal, sales, marketing, manufacturing, business development and corporate governance.

Currently, Limbaugh is involved in various business consulting opportunities and is the Executive Director of Founders Alliance USA (, a non-profit advocacy organization supporting health care and education reform, the repatriation of Seniors back into the mainstream of society and voter education initiatives.

Andy attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, is a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity (Zeta Phi Chapter), was a member of the 1979 University of Missouri Football Tigers and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southeast Missouri State University.

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Stuntman & Actor Pete Porteous

Air Date: Sunday Jan 12, 2014

Show #152


Hollywood Stuntman/Actor Pete Porteous was born in toronto canada in 1959 my dad 919183_235811616575938_1419196538_omoved us to north Hollywood in 1963..then to simi valley ca where 100s of western movies were shot in the 30s 50s home of the corriganville movie dad took me to the movie ranch to see a cowboy stunt show when i was 7..that was it I was hooked..corriganville closed but a small movie ranch called the spahn movie ranch was open it was a few miles up the road on the santa suzanna pass…the home of a guy named charles Manson..there i met a stunt man named shorty Shay..he took me under his wing and taught me how to do a saddle fall and how to take a punch..he was my first adult friend…wow what a guy i would ride my mini bike to the ranch every chance i had to see shorty..he inspired me to become not just a stuntman but to be a good guy..a day i went to see shorty…I could not find him so I asked charley and tex watson where shorty was..they told me he went on a trip and would not be back..later I found out they had Killed him..I was heart broken..I never forgot him and I went on to become a stuntman and have been now for over 30 years..thanks shorty.

 Pete Porteous’ Interview


Actor, Singer/Producer/Composer – Gary Private with Nick Vallelonga

Air Date:
SUNDAY Jan 5, 2014

Show #151

My guest is GARY PRIVATE – ACTOR/SINGER/PRODUCER/COMPOSER: Gary grew up a 62732_455650709872_5024347_nhood born in Sheepshead Bay~ Brooklyn, New York 2nd gen Italian/American. My creative life started Feb 7th, 1964 when the “Beatles” stepped off the plane! Started out as a drummer playing the N.Y. club circuit (Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s, Coventry) etc; with many NYC bands (Legs Latreau, Dancer, Arrival) continuing on to front his own band. Signing a recording contract as a singer/songwriter, then went on to record with Select Records. Soon after a requested performance at Studio 54 (NYC) for Calvin Klein’s birthday party, he was signed by Atlantic Records which then released a remake of the Four Tops song “Reach Out, I’ll Be There.”

In 1985, moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides sometimes working as a Nightclub/Restaurant Manager (~8 years lead security for the House of Blues Foundation Room on Sunset Blvd,L.A.; ~Trained the opening team at the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino H.O.B. Foundation Room in Las Vegas(1999); ~Received Presidential seal/name embossed cufflinks from President Bill Clinton for assisting the Secret Service during his visit to H.O.B.; ~Managing partner of Hollywood & Vine Diner/Ultra Lounge nightclub L.A.; ~GM of Platinum Live in Studio City; ~Event coordinator/Host &Security for the House of Blues Foundation Room- Sundance Film Festival- Utah 2006 & 2011

A.K.A. Private is a documentary film t hat unveils life in Hollywood, California. In our film, 71890_464065909392_101507_nwe explore celebrity narcissism, sacrifice, and what it means to have a dream. This is a film that markets to all walks of life. From the artist pursuing the limelight themselves, to the midwest house-wife who only watches from a distance; Hollywood is a world that only those who have lived in it understand the depths of. Through this film, Brett (creator/director) paints a portrait that will help people all over the world identify with the love and sacrifice that comes with a life that is dedicated to pursuing one’s dreams.

Centered around Gary Private, a former Atlantic Records artist and ex-teen pop star. Gary Private presently lives in a studio apartment in Hollywood, alone with his pet cat, trying to break into the film industry. We see the financial struggles he makes, having to sell his belongings to buy more time in Hollywood. He tells us he will do whatever it takes to be on top again. Tammi Land, a model and actress, will give up her dream after an eleven-year pursuit in Los Angeles. We watch as she packs up her bags and moves to Atlanta, Georgia. With tears streaming down her face she tells us “Hollywood disappointed me.” Prince Pheenix Wade is a large African American man who is living out of his car. Wade works security at various night clubs and tells us how he will never give up. Demonstrating what desperation truly means and what it is to go all in.

You will also see interviews from celebrities, casting agents, and psychological professionals who have studied the behaviors of people who seek a life of stardom. Mark Young, Co-author of The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America with Dr. Drew Pinsky educated us on the narcissism scale of Hollywood performers. Dr. Young says “Hollywood does not create Narcissists. Rather we found that Narcissists are generally attracted to the industry.” Dr. Nathanael Fast, Ph.D. reports on how fame is an addiction. Matt Sorum (Former Gun’s N’ Roses member), tells us how Hollywood has kept him from having a family. The late Francesco Quinn (Son of Anthony Quinn), talks about how after winning an academy award for his role in Platoon, he figured the business would be ‘a cinch’, and then later struggled to book guest spots on daytime television. Mark Teschner (Oscar Award winning casting director of General Hospital), tells us over a thousand actors submit to his office every day and how success “Doesn’t happen fast, doesn’t happen easy, and for some, doesn’t happen at all.”

A.K.A. Private is a heartbreaking look into the lives of the individuals who inhabit Los Angeles. It is a welcome card to all, of the many, that dream to come here to make it. Between auditions, getting headshots, meeting with agents, and finally booking that big role that keeps them in Hollywood for just a little longer, the
viewer leaves the film feeling informed and unequivocally inspired.

We hope you are as inspired watching our film as we were in making it


Nick,  Tony Lips (Nick’s Dad) & Gary Private

NICK VALLELONGA Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

Joins the show with Gary Private, a man of many talents, Nick’s started his career at an early age of twelve appearing in the wedding scene in the GODFATHER. Nick produced and directed the crime drama, STILLETO. He has appeared in over 36 films, produced 10 films, directed 7 and written 5. Nick had a great time on the show and I was glad to have met him.

 Gary Private’s Interview


Patriot, Blogger, Mark ‘SNOOPER’ Harvey

Air Date: Dec 27, 2013

Show #150

my guest Mark L. Harvey aka SNOOPPER on the blogs. Mark is a veteran in the US Military and had his own radio on BLOG TALK RADIO

We will be talking about the passing of a great American Patriot Tim “Loki” Kerlin is a very close friend of Mark.loki andrea shea king722682_n  We met upon many occasions and even though he stood about 5 feet tall, he was a GIANT in my eyes. He was a Patriot and a Constitutional Scholar above everyone else I have ever met or listened to because he actually READ the document and healso read Madison’s Notes on the Constitution from 1787.

As for me, I spent years and years fighting for this country and most of the “battles” fought will never be talked about. My “handle” is Snooper and that was given to me by people I talked to “on the radio” of times past. Try and figure out what a “snooper” is and that’s me…I was good at it.

Many things I cannot divulge but I am a Patriot’s Patriot and this is why people like Loki and I get along as well as we do. When Loki was sailing off of Iran in ’79, I was IN Iran at that time. That’s all I can say about that.

Mark L Harvey’s Interview
Michelle Malkin and Me

Mark ‘SNOOPER” Harvey with Michelle Marlkin