Pearl Harbor Day Show with WWII Veteran/Filmmaker George Ciampa

Air Date: Dec 6, 2013

Show #147

George Ciampa, a World War II veteran is dedicated to Dec 7, 1941 and all those that 16345_1222412054268_2070617_ngave their lives at Pearl Harbor. We can never forget that Day of Infamy. George will tell us where he was on that day, and what the mood of the country was like. George is a WWII Veteran who at the age of 81 began making films about his experiences landing on D-Day and working with the 607th grave registration division. George has done three films and at the age of 87 he is about to begin his fourth.

His stories of burying over 80,000 GI’s KIA from D-DAY to the Nazi Surrender is one incredible story which he documents in his first two films. His third film is about the men of the 8th Air Force that the French have honored. George’s goal is to make films to teach American high school students of today about the history of WWII and the cost of freedom. He shows all the graves of our honored dead that he personally buried. George talks about his recent trip back to Europe and his work at the American Military Cemeteries, and next film, where he will show how European school children, in the former occupied countries, are now adopting a grave of an American Soldier and planting flowers at these graves.

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