Investigative Journalist & Author Gerald Posner – CASE CLOSED

Air Date : Nov 22, 2013

Show #145

GERALD POSNER an American investigative journalist and author of several books, including Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (1993) which 38107explores the John F. Kennedy assassination

TONIGHT FRIDAY NOV 22, !963 IS the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of our 35th President John F. Kennedy. I am dedicating my show to the memory of JFK and what happen that day that changes all of our lives. I will talk about what I believe happen and I welcome calls to talk about where you were on that day and who do you believe that killed the 35th President.

We have over 40,000 books of every conspiracy and I will talk about Gerald Posner’s thoroughly research book CASE CLOSE which still have not been debunked since it came out in 1993.

I will be playing some clips from Posner’s recent interviews of what took place the day America lost it’s innocence

 Gerald Posner’ s Interview


NYCPD – Detective, DEA and counter terrorist, Author and teacher Tony Attanasio

Air Date Nov 15, 2013

Show #144

My Guest Tony Attanasio NYPD Detective/Author

a1e3dc06b4d20ad8976ff5.L._V141194181_Soon to be promoted to lieutenant, Detective-Sergeant Tony Attanasio, Organized Crime Control Bureau, NYPD, was seriously injured in a line-of-duty incident that ended his career with that famous law enforcement agency. He subsequently served ten years with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he served as an Intelligence specialist. During his tenure he served in Miami, Europe and New York City. Both in Miami, Florida, and Europe, he served as liaison with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and traveled to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where Tony presented a course on International Organized Crime.

He is considered an expert regarding International drug trafficking and organized crime by the U.S. District Court, Miami, the New York State Supreme Court and the Bavarian State Court, Bavaria, Germany. Tony received seventeen meritorious awards from NYPD and two Excellence of Performance awards from DEA. Tony further received awards from the governments of Germany and Italy for his assistance in various investigations. In 2004 Tony received the prestigious Davis Award from the State of Florida.

Until recently, He supervised a Drug/Money-Laundering unit for a US Government entity

Tony has an MS in Criminal Justice and he is currently teaching courses that focus on Terrorism investigations, Security Threat Groups, Sex Crimes Investigations Human Trafficking Investigations, Police Investigative Management, Organized crime and Forensic accounting at a major southeastern college. He received an award personally from the Governor of the Mariana Island for the training of his investigative unit on the island of Saipan.

His Introduction to Terrorism Investigations and Intelligence Collection course had been accepted by St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he has taught this course on two occasions thus far

He served as an advisor to Mr. Robert De Niro relative to the film RONAN

Tony Attanasio’s Interview



Jack Marino was out of town on family business and replayed show # 122 starring DENNIS WALSH

Show #122 Dennis Walsh, a Criminal and Civil Attorney who became an author of this riveting story called NOBODY WALKS. Dennis is the oldest son of a large Irish Catholic Family who stayed on the straight and narrow. Dennis found out that the connections from his family’s dubious background paired with his law degree in a unique position to finished the job the Cops might have been unable to do.

In 2003 Dennis younger brother, Christopher Walsh was found stuffed in a trash barrel in a storage locker in Van Nuys California. After an extensive murder investigation, it took seven months before charges were filed and more then four years to go to trial. Dennis Walsh it was up to him and him alone to keep his brother’s murder from becoming a cold case. Dennis swore to his brother Christopher, his children and the Walsh Family that ‘NOBODY WALKS’


Dennis Walsh Encore interview

Agent, Manager, Producer Stan Seidenberg – Over 60 years in Show Business!

Air date: Nov 1, 2013

Show # 141

Stan Seidenberg is in his 60th year as an agent, manager, and producer, upon leaving the stanU.S. Air Force in 1954. He embarked on a theatrical career. He followed in the footsteps of his Father, who produced shows for the Jewish Theater. Stan started out as an agent with Shaw Artist. This agency represented such artist RAY CHARLES, STEVIE WONDER, FATS DOMINO and THE SUPREMES.

Stan was instrumental in organizing the March for Freedom for MATRIN LUTHER KING, JR. in Alabama. In 1963, he brought the above-mentioned artist to Birmingham to help raise the money for six organizations that Dr. King was involved with. Because of his efforts, Stan was honored by the American Guild of Variety Artist and was written up in the Congressional Record in Washington.

After leaving Shaw Artist Stan went to work for GAC, WILLARD ALEXANDER and ABC. He booked performances all over the world – from the Poconos to Puerto Rico to Germany. For these major agencies, he was responsible to many famous nightclubs such as the Latin Quarter, Copacabana, Basin Street East and the Rainbow Grill. In 1981 Stan left ABC to start his own business called, STAR-ON ENTERPRISES, INC. It is now a very successful management and production company. In recent years, acting as a talent buyer-producer, he put on many variety shows at the Rainbow Grill in New York City and the Colonia Theater in Latham, New York. He used the talents of BOB HOPE, TOM JONES, HAL LINDEN, MEL TILLIS, and PEARL BAILEY AND ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK.

As manager, he has represented many artists big and small. This list includes BOBBY RYDELL, SHECKY GREENE, CONNIE STEVENS, SANLER & YOUNG, TRINI LOPEZ, JERRY VAN DYKE and the FOUR ACES, ANTHONY NEWLY.

Because Stan loves his work, he tries to help the lesser-known artist get good jobs as well as the major stars. He is one of those managers who give freely of his time and expertise to the artist whom he represents. He only asked that the audience appreciate and respects his clients when they perform. He is NOW writing a book about his 60 years in show business.

Stan has other varied interest besides his career in show business. He participates in many charitable events and is a great spectator sports fan. If he is not found at a charity dinner at the Waldof he can be found at Shea Stadium rooting for the METS and Yankee Stadium rooting for the Yankees.

Stan is also a devoted and loving Family man. He lives happily in Florida with his wife of 45 years and he has two beautiful daughters and three fabulous grandsons. He is semi-retired but still does booking locally & has an account booking shows in the casino in Erie, PA.

Stan Seidenberg’s Interview