WWII US Navy & US Marine Veteran, Daily Variety Reporter, PR agent for the Studios – Eddie Fafakian

Air Date: September 27, 2013

Show #137

Eddie Kafafian, raised in New York and educated in CA, Eddie Kafafian has an extensive background in the communications , media, spanning not only the general press, TV and eddieradio, but also the specialized field of promotion and marketing. He also is credited with an in-depth involvement in the actual production of films.

Upon completion of high school, and although only 16 years old, he enlisted in the US Navy, trained as a radio operator later serving with the US Marine Corps as a correspondent during World War II

Following his military service, Eddie enrolled in college, majoring in journalism which opened the doors to employment on the Oakland Tribune and at Daily Variety as a entertainment reporter. While there, he penned a weekly column (Clef Dwellers) in addition to serving as a reviewer critic. That job opened the door into public relations with the eddie:ganginternational firm of McFadden and Eddy as an account executive, where he was under the tutorship of Jack Mullen.

That training led him to the responsibility of working with such icons of the time as Frank Sinatra, Lee Marvin, Peter Graves, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Shirley MacLaine, and Anne Bancroft to name a few plus corporate accounts of Walt Disney and Marineland of the Pacific

Among other associations, Eddie is a member of the Marines Memorial Association. United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association as well as a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Presently, and for the past 20 years, he has been a sworn reserve officer with the LAPD.


 Eddie Kafakian’s Interview


Filmmaker Kels Goodman

Air Date: September 20, 20113

Show # 136

Kels Goodman was born in Richmond Virginia and raised in South Texas. He currently 1236165_10202033776108950_430570503_nresides in Provo Utah where he works in the film industry under the name of “Tier 2 Media”. He has been working in the industry there for over 20 years producing commercials, promotional videos and feature films.

His credit as of lately include the award-winning viral video campaign “Will it Blend”, a comedy series which features advertising for the blenders from Blendtec and has been hailed as one of the most successful viral ad campaigns in history, gaining a half a billion views. His latest project, just released on DVD is “The Last Eagle Scout” an action comedy surrounding the “what if” the government shutting down Boy Scouts of America.

 Kels Goodman’s Interview




THE FLAG Producer John Duffy, Actor Jim Peaks & Writer Vietnam Vet David Alspach

Air Date : Friday, September 13, 2013

Show #135

My Guest Producer John Duffy and Vietnam Vet David Alspach. Both Dave and John 2852465_origproduced this film What does the American Flag mean to you?


“THE FLAG” film project is 2 films: The 1st film is fictionalized narrative short film based on a true story that happened to the writer and Vietnam Vet Dave Alspach.

The second Film is an educational film that educates on the meaning of the 13 folds of the Flag and asks the question of celebrities, veterans and average Americans ”

 “What does the Flag mean to you?”


The video teaser above with actor Jack Scalia  is an example of our ability to make a moving patriotic film that will be seen across this great country.

The completed narrative and educational film will both entertain with a
fictionalized true story and also teach the true meaning of the thirteen folds of the American Flag. You will also learn the origin of the twenty-one gun salute and the twenty-one steps by the Honor Guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Listen to real Veterans interviewed give the reason why our Flag means so much to them.

You will witness in the fictionalized narrative portion of the film how far
one Veteran will go to protect our Flag.

As a veteran I’m asking you to be part of this patriotic soul searching
narrative & educational film that will be retailed across the nation. Please donate what ever you can. You will be helping to educate many who do not realize what the American Flag means to our Country and our Veterans and their families. You will be supporting our American Hero’s in the process.

Profits will be shared with various Veterans support groups, such as American Soldier Network (Wounded Warriors), The Gary Sinise Foundation as well as several Veterans Charities. (Disabled Veterans and Children of Fallen Veterans.)

‘The Flag’ film will be used to promote some of America’s most honored holidays which include, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day.

So please spread the word and share on all your social media sites and
please take action and donate to this worthy cause.

God, Family, Country    –   Thank you

 David Alspach was Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dave was instilled with an unflinching

27924_10151105087966650_1825548272_nspirit to perform daring stunts. At the age of 18, he toured the Pocono and Catskill Mountains as a professional diver with the ‘John D. O’Keefe Aqua Revue’. This professed (and possessed) stunt daredevil would set himself ablaze and plunge into a pool 60 feet below his platform. Mediocrity has no room in the life of Dave Alspach. At the age of 19, he was a member of an elite Special Forces Team and served three years in Vietnam. However, his undying interest in the entertainment field increased in strength after returning to the U.S. He studied and appeared at the Guthsville Playhouse (credits of Jack Lemon and other stars) near his hometown as well as other regional theaters throughout the northeast. His efforts began to pay off after scoring acting jobs in New York theaters between menial jobs to pay the bills. Dave credits acting coaches and producers Joel Tellis (Guthsville Playhouse) and Blair Cutting (New York), who were instrumental in preparing him for his work. He is the co-founder of ‘Best Little Playhouse in Tampa’, a non-profit corporation that exists to provide the Tampa Bay area with professional theatrical productions while donating the proceeds to local children’s charities. Now living in Los Angeles, Dave is a partner in Integrity Entertainment Group a film & TV Production Company.. Dave continues to follow his dream as an actor, producer and writer.


John Duffy is a Producer / Line Producer, Co-Founder Vets on Set, Personal Development Leader/Blogger/Speaker, and Author

gallery2Film producer of over 30 feature films, training videos for U.S. Marine Corp and a couple of reality TV shows. He started out in the entertainment industry acting in New York in theater and film. After moving to Los Angeles John made the transition into producing and has actively been working in the film industry for the past 19 years.

Recently he line produced the TV movie “The Wonder Girls” that aired on Teen Nick, “The Ghastly Love of Johnny X” which just premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival and “Beneath the Darkness” with Dennis Quaid which opened in theaters in January. Prior to that he line produced the Mixed Martial Arts film “Blood & Bone” with Michael Jai White. He also line produced three feature horror films for the late Steven J. Cannell including: Demon Hunter starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Colleen Porch, The Garden starring Lance Henriksen and Sean Young, and Left in Darkness starring Monica Keena and David Anders. Prior to that John was a Consultant/Producer and completed three films for IDT/Anchor Bay (owned by John C. Malone’s Liberty Media).

Television programming includes producing a season of “UFO Hunters” on the History Channel and Frankie Muniz Hoopla LA Celebrity Basketball Event for the Starlight Foundation and Fox Sports West.

He has also line produced a series of training videos for the United States Marine Corp. (USMC) and two 3D commercials for Coke.

John is the Co-Founder of Non-Profit Vets on Set dedicated to providing work and opportunities for military veterans in the Film and TV industry.
Started a daily Personal Development blog “The Glass is 3/4’s Full” a few years ago that shares his personal philosophy on life with close to 2,000 posts to date.


64451_10200942187903401_1412338209_nJames Peeks is an actor in THE FLAG  and a former Boston Radio Host.   James is a major supporter of our Veterans and Veteran organizations.

James works with John Duffy, Jack Scalia, and  David Alspach on this moving film called THE FLAG


Interview of the team of THE FLAG


A cyber thriller called – BLACK HATS – Producer Bennie Swint & Errol Sadler, Director Laron Austin and starring Doris Morgado

“BLACK HATS” is an suspense action thriller about Elisha Flemming a peaceful Fugitive Recovery Agent who has just returned back to the profession part time and has decided to selectively apprehend only white- collar criminals.

6233_429324247133881_1105448223_nHis new way of thinking is in jeopardy when a co-worker, the tough as nails Janelle Ortiz receives a disturbing phone call from her eccentric brother Jacob that his life is in imminent danger.

Knowing Jacob and his friends who are extreme gamers are out on bail and that they have not reported in to her at the bail bond agency. Janelle enlist Elisha to help her locate her sibling because she fears the worst.

In doing so, they uncover that Jacob and friends who are known to the underground computer community as PANGEA are being tracked by an elite FBI group called C.A.T., and by an extremely dangerous bounty killer named Tillman who was once a mentor to Elisha.

With time of the most essence, and not on their side Elisha and Janelle must out flank the other two entities before the group members are captured or killed. Meanwhile a serious series of cyber viruses have been detonated by a mysterious an untouchable super hacker name Megabyte who has some close affiliation to hacker group Pangea.

“BLACK HATS” is an indie mini blockbuster with the spirit and brilliance of The Bourne Series. The charismatic flare of “Swordfish” and the impactful secret of “The Usual Suspects”


Errol Sadler (Producer)

Errol Sadler, raised in Brooklyn, NY, is the founder of
Supremacy Films, an Atlanta based film company
Errol-Thumbwhich he owns and operates with partner Brandon
“2Mill” Thaxton. He is becoming one of the most
sought after new Producers in the Atlanta’s Film

He made his Producer debut in 2009 with “Eros”, a
short dramatic thriller that deals with the
repercussions of Love, Lies, and deception. Instantly
this project was a hit, receiving com-cast on demand
distribution. Since then, Errol has partnered with Last Looks Inc. to Produce four short films “Up In Smoke”, “No Crime”, “Letters to a Father”, and “Prognosis”. These films  have been seen, submitted, and or screened at film festivals such as Atlanta Black Film Festival (ABFF), Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF), Long Island Film Festival (LIFF), Manhattan Film Festival (MIFF), Brooklyn Short Film Festival (BSFF), Women in Film and Television (WIFTA).

Recently Errol has joined forces with Symmetry Entertainment and C. Clear
Cinema to Produce “Echo At 11 Oak Drive”, a feature length film that tells three
stories that transpire under the same roof over three eras of time. 1951, 1973,
and 2010. This film was screened in Sundance 2013, and received great reviews.
The Short film “Echoes” was also accepted to Cannes Film Festival 2013. It is
currently pending a distribution deal.

He has also teamed up with Shadow Motion Picture, a Los Angeles based
Production company to Produce their latest Action packed feature length film
“Fixer”, which is based on the sisterhood of female assassins which can be seen
online. There is also a pending Deal with director R.L. Scott to Produce an action
packed boxing flick.

His partnership with Reel One Entertainment, an Atlanta based Production
company, stemmed the action packed film BlackHats 2013, and an Untitled
Boxing Film, slated to start principle photography in 2014. The trailer for
BlackHats can be seen on itunes.

Laron Austin – Director/Editor/Colorist

Laron is a 28-year-old Director and Editor born in Detroit, MI. He moved to Atlanta, GA and 526997_10100379622151187_1120280778_nhas been studying film as well as getting hands on experience in the Atlanta film community. His narrative short debut film B.A.M. screened in six film festivals including earning an audience award at the Urban Media Makers Film Festival for Best Short Film as well as honorable mention for Best Short Film at the Texas Black Film Festival.

LaRon has studied filmmaking at both the Art Institute of Atlanta as well as Georgia State University. His talented eye and editing skills attracted the attention of Producers Eddie Singleton and Martin Kelley who produced his first feature Beat Makers, a feature length documentary that explores the rise of in-home studio music producers, shot in 2006 and premiering in Fall of 2007 which is currently in distribution with Nelson Madison Films.

Laron also emerged as a talented music video director as well, directing several Hip-Hop music videos after the release of Beat Makers. Later, he shot, directed and edited the feature film Step Off, which was released by Lionsgate and found a broadcast home over the past two years on Starz. He is currently working on the cyber thriller BLACK HATS


Doris Morgado was born in Caracas, Venezuela and relocated with her Cuban-born family to Miami, FL at the age of 5. Her parents often worked three jobs at a time to support their
Doris Morgadofamily. Doris pushes herself to succeed with the same drive and intensity they’ve shown throughout her life.

Growing up as the middle child, Doris entertained herself by pulling pranks on her siblings. Her favorite was hiding under the bed and grabbing their legs as they walked by. Her pranks helped develop her patience and speed, as she would sometimes wait for hours under the bed and then make a quick getaway. Later she used this speed on the Florida International University’s track team, where she ran the 100 and 200-yard dashes   Doris knew she wanted to be an actress at a very young age and, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, she decided to pursue acting seriously. When she’s not working on her craft, you can find her volunteering at a faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry, including victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and trafficking. Fluent in Spanish and English, Doris aspires to be a positive role model in the Latino community by showing children the importance of education, perseverance, and following your dreams.    She currently lives in Los Angeles.

 BlackHats Interviews


Actress & Author Brenda Dickerson


Air Date August 30, 2013

Show #133

My Guest the Lovely and Talented Brenda Dickson with her tell all BOOK “My True Hidden Hollywood Story

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Edward Lozzi & Associates PR 310-922-1200 epl@lozzipr.com

For Immediate Release:



“My True Hidden Hollywood Story”, My Memoir of Sexual Harassment, Blacklisting, and Love Affairs with the most Powerful Men in Hollywood

486711_139032342950370_1103518808_nBrenda Dickson, the original ‘Jill Abbott’ and Ultimate Villainess on The Young & The Restless for Over 10 Seasons- Releases her Long Awaited Tell All Book –

Former ‘Young & Restless’ SOAP STAR Shakes Up Daytime TV’s Bell Empire

TITLE: ‘My True Hidden Hollywood Story, My Memoir of Sexual Harassment, Blacklisting, and Love Affairs with some of the most Powerful Men in Hollywood’ By Brenda Dickson (Blue Boulevard Publications -364 Pages-Hardcover)- Print, Kindle + Nook versions available now wherever books are sold. Hardcover with over 72 color photos available in 2 weeks.

Los Angeles + New York – Brenda Dickson, Daytime Television’s ultimate villain as “Jill Abbott” from the glory days of The Young & The Restless, finally reveals the hidden story on what really happened to her. Her book takes you through her life in Hollywood from age 17 until the present. It includes her discovery as Miss California as well as her home life with her parents as a young girl. It covers her more than one decade of starring in one of the highest rated daytime television shows of all time and what effect it had on her life including the love affairs with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. “This story is funny, sexy, hot, and full of drama”, states Brenda Dickson who wrote the book herself as it happened.

PHOTOS: The book has over 70 fabulous and stunning color photographs taken by top Hollywood photographers (including Harry Langdon) throughout her whole career; including photos of her best-selling collectable posters.There are many photos of the people she worked with prior and during The Young and the Restless, as well as recent photos of how she looks today. See attached sample photos63032_126045424249062_460248856_n.

Brenda Dickson tells all in this book written from the soul and from the depths of despair to the highest career awards including the People’s Choice Award.
Revealed for the first time, she tells about what she believed to be her blacklisting in Hollywood by Producer William J. Bell (the breach of contract and illegal firing), and the $11 million fixed trial. (How all her trials were tampered with or fixed.) It tells how Mafia cartel judges and attorneys were enlisted to launder $15.5 million, her half share of two divorce settlements through two courts, and how they ruined her multi-million dollar career and left her homeless . . . TWICE!

She writes about how her popularity became larger than the whole show forcing the producers to keep her out of Hollywood because she brought in more ratings than the entire show!

The book reveals the behind-the-scenes games the producers created on the set of The Young and the Restless. The set was subjected to Bill Bell (as producer) keeping an older actress who came to work drunk, had black- outs, and burst into manic fits of rage- for REAL. This actor needed professional help. Bell’s storylines about an alcoholic who was struggling with an addiction were derived from her real life! So real!!! The problem was . . . it wasn’t acting and it wasn’t good writing, and as a result, the ratings dropped lower and lower. It tells of power, greed, and the tactics used to get ownership of the show.

She writes about how harassment tactics were used to drive talented actors out of their roles to make room for Nepotism City. It addresses the sexual harassment and the cunning way Bill Bell got hold of her at a young age.

Brenda Dickson’s reveals that her Internet film, Welcome to My Home, which she directed, wrote, and produced, was taken off the Internet in an illegal copyright claim by Sony Pictures (the Bells) in 2009. In a short period of time, it garnered 3 million viewers, and had they not taken it down, would have had more viewers than the entire show and they knew it!

531791_129607073892897_325062757_nThis book covers Brenda Dickson’s love life and relationships with . . . Mike Nader, (Dex Dexter on Dynasty) and Dimitri Marick on (All My Children); Richard Thomas (while filming The Waltons); Ernest Thompson ( dated Brenda when he was writing the play that became the Academy Award-winning film On Golden Pond ); the famous upscale clothing retailer Fred Segal, now a publicly traded company; and Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., her first real love. The book describes her two ex-husbands, who were directly connected to Bill Bell, and how they helped to keep her out of Hollywood, an unfortunate circumstance that continues even to this day.

Brenda & Edward Lozzi of Lozzi PR

Brenda Dickson enjoyed the admiration of millions of fans as a true award winning Daytime Televison star. Many of these fans have remained close to her and follow her on her web sites and have long awaited an official story of her life and times. My True Hidden Hollywood Story is a book for all readers not just Daytime TV fans. It’s a story of what really happened to a beloved TV star who became victim to the greed and power of corporate Hollywood .
” The Bill Bell Hype Train is about to crash and the truth is about to come out! Fasten your seatbelts, as you ride with me on the “Bell Family Roller Coaster.” Brenda Dickson

VIP REVIEWS- “ This is much more than a book about a star on the Young & The Restless…..it’s a real life story of dashed dreams, broken promises and powerful Hollywood types who use money and sex to get their way—not for the squeamish”. Shirley Jones (Oscar winning actress).

“It’s a page turner…more than a book about the life of a star of The Young & The Restless; it’s a survival story in an industry that sometimes can be very cruel- a great read for anyone interested in Hollywood.” Renee Taylor, Oscar nominated and Emmy winning writer and actress.

“ In no uncertain terms she is seen as a survivor….She is touted as an easy to read good writer….the book is a page turner hard to put it down….Bravo Miss Dickson”, Rave 5 Star

 Brenda Dickson’s Interview