Playwright & Actor Kenny D’Aquila

Air Date: Friday 28, 2013

Show #124

Kenny D’Aquila, Playwriter/actor, orginally from Connecticut, made his mark as Grantaire 1001461_623815037630394_972890108_nin the critically acclaimed production of Les Miserables (directed by Trevor Nunn and John Caird) at the Shubert Theatre in Los Angeles. Later, D’Aquila was featured as Grantaire in the International Cast Album of Les Miserables with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

A 25 year veteran of both New York and Los Angeles stage, D’Aquila has appeared in over 30 plays, includingUptown, Broadway Scandals of 1928, Grease, The Fantastiks, Found A Peanut, Mozez and When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder? As a writer, D’Aquila’s first play, Uptown, opened to rave reviews at the GNU Theatre under the direction of Jeff Seymour. Uptown won 8 Drama-Logue Awards, including Best New Play.

As an actor, D’Aquila also drew raves and won a Drama-Logue Award for Best Actor. D’Aquila’s screenplay, Not Before Me(based on his stage play, Uptown) was purchased by Concord/New Horizons with D’Aquila attached to star. On the production end, D’Aquila is co-executive producer of the documentary The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story written and directed by Andrew Laue

993022_10200830420555874_1764177147_nKenny has written a play UNORGANIZED CRIME that has Oscar nominee Chazz Palminteri playing the Sal Sicuso, a brutal mobster who’s ‘next in line’. Kenny is playing the role of GINO SICUSO, a reluctant killer and Sal’s younger brother.

“Palminteri backs unknown playwright, much like what Robert DeNiro did for him.”

Actor Chazz Palminteri has taken unconventional roads to success throughout his career. The man who refused to sell the rights to ‘A Bronx Tale’ unless he played the lead and write the screenplay, is now using Kickstarter to fund an unknown playwright’s new play, ‘Unorganized Crime.’ Chazz is something of an expert in knowing about unknowns breaking thru.

941765_307046976095796_602252764_n“Unorganized Crime is the story of two brothers, whose father is a mafia Don of the 3rd largest crime family in New York. One brother is a cold-blooded killer, the other is a cold-blooded coward. After 3 years in exile, Gino is hoping for a second chance and he’s determined to get his family back. When Sal shows up at his door, he brings tragic news and Gino wants complete revenge. But it won’t be easy and therein lies the rub. Taking another life has never meant so much.”

Kenny D’Aguila’s Interview



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Independent Gorilla Filmmaker Calvin Vanderbeek

Air Date:
Friday June 21, 2013

Show # 123

Writer/producer Calvin Vanderbeek hails from Detroit Michigan. LA transplant Calvin 601824_511713758865951_619576744_nVanderbeek is a writer at heart with an amazing producer nose. At the age of 10, he won a National Scholastic writing competition with his story ‘Incident at Fox Pond’ From there he went on to write 8 feature screenplays and has been optioned twice.

One of his clients recently said of Calvin “If you need a flower that only blossoms at midnight once a year in some legendary uncharted valley – Calvin will get you that flower and he will do it without razing the entire valley. His dedication and passion for indie film is insatiable.” Calvin got his start producing student films around the nation at Orange Coast College, Chapman, Loyola, and Marymont Universities. He has been both Producer and Executive Producer for over 11 films.

His current projects, short film “All Things Hidden”, Documentary “Citizen Heroes” and feature Suspense Drama “Dutch Kills”, are in final stages of post production.

ATH producer Calvin Vanderbeek – Calvin found ATH during our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign last year and we are so glad he did! He flew up for the final day of shooting and was so impressed by the cast and crew that he took us under his wing and it’s been a great flight since!

Calvin has an extensive background in the film industry – when he’s not writing and producing (and when we say producing, he usually has five-six projects on the go) he’s an engineer by day.


You can find him on twitter @gorillaproducer

Attorney/Author Dennis M. Walsh

Show Date:
Friday June 14, 2013
Show #122

Dennis Walsh, a Criminal and Civil Attorney who became an author of this riveting story called NOBODY WALKS. Dennis is the oldest son of a large Irish Catholic Family who stayed on the straight and narrow.

378996_100510813477433_792582003_nIn 2003, Christopher Walsh was found stuffed in a trash barrel in a storage locker in Van Nuys, California. After the dilatory murder investigation took seven months to file charges, and years to go to trial, Dennis Walsh knew it was up to him to keep his little brother’s murder from becoming a cold case.

The only son of a large Irish-American family to stay on the straight and narrow, Dennis found his family’s dubious background paired with his law degree placed him in the unique position to finish the job the cops couldn’t. Fencing with the police and the DA’s office, Dennis spent years slinking between his life as a stand-up lawyer and hitting the streets to try and convince the dopers, thieves, prostitutes, porn stars, and jail birds that populated Christopher’s world to come forward and cooperate with the police. Yet he walked a fine line with his harsh tactics; prosecutors continuously told him he was jeopardizing not only the case, but his life.

Staying on the right side of the law to hunt down these murderers put every part of Dennis to the test and it wasn’t long before the brother who went clean knew he’d have to get his hands dirty. But 100 arrests later, the murderers are in jail for life. With the gravity of a Scorsese film, this classic yet gritty tale transcends the true crime genre. Nobody Walks is the harrowing story of a family, brothers, and the true meaning of justice.

  Dennis M. Walsh’s Interview



Actor, Producer, Director Clem Caserta

Air Date: June 7, 2013

Show #121

Clem Caserta aka Jimmy Whispers, Actor, Producer, Director who’s become a household
images-1name by working in many of the big Hollywood Iconic films such as The Bronx Tale, Analyze This, Goodfellas, Casino, The Untouchables, Black Rain, Night in the City and many many more. His very first role was a major role in Once Upon a Time in America.

Clem, has worked with many iconic stars such as Robert DiNiro, Robert Downey, Jr., Joe
Pesci, Molly Ringwald, Tony Bennett, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Jessica Lange, Alan King, Frank Vincent and Don Rickles.

He has worked with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood, Marty Scorsese, Harold Ramis, Irwin Winkler, Brian De Plama, Sergio Leone and Ridley Scott.

Clem Caserta not only had a major role in The Bronx Tale he also was consulting on Robert DiNiro’s first directing effort.l

If you want to hear a lot of the behind the scenes stories of these iconic films and legends, then listen to this show and hear Clem tell his stories of the great times working in all these films, that we all consider classics


The gangster-Mafia genre is rated as one of the most popular themes watched on television today. Jimmy Whispers Returns to Mulberry Street, encompasses all the elements that make the Sopranos so well received among audiences—family, food, principles, pride and tradition but with less violence and more Disney sensibility.

Imoviepostern this piece, the hero, Jimmy Whispers—(played by Clem Caserta—whose credits ranged from such films as Analyze This (1995), Casino (1994) and The Bronx Tale (1993) to name a few), returns to his neighborhood after serving 5 years in prison to find the streets corrupted with drugs and crime. His job, as head of the family, is to bring back the place people remember as a safe, comfortable community where respect was “understood.”

Caserta also the director of the film said, “I wanted to make a movie Italian-Americans would be proud to watch”. This movie represents those million of viewers who love and are loyal to this genre, but also the millions of unhappy Italian-Americans who feel programs like the Sopranos show Italians as brutal, murderous thugs. A Washington based group that promotes Italian American heritage, The National Italian-American Foundation is asking HBO to televise a disclaimer before or after each episode, stating that the series is not representative of the 25 million Americans of Italian heritage (CNN.Com from CNN Radio with Dick Uliano).

Caserta grew up in Little Italy on Mulberry Street and could recall the old neighborhood. He feels his film paints a “real” picture of what life use to be in the old hood. He achieved an authentic feel in his film by combining the principles of a documentary—unrehearsed dialogue, with the formula of a drama—scripted characters interactions. Most of the dialogue of the film was created on the spot.

According to Caserta, “My picture doesn’t have nudity, profanity or killing. It does943377_546060312099536_781963136_n have minimal violence…but this is necessary for the plot in order to establish the nemesis of the piece.” This is the first of a trilogy Caserta is producing to help promote programming that represents Italian-Americans in a less aggressive role as the Sopranos. Caserta, “My goal is to capture a portion of the audience that watches this type of genre but also gain the respect and interest of the millions of unhappy Italian-Americans who “protest” the Sopranos.

For more information or questions on this film, please contact, “Fun Films Inc. at 718-948-7867 or visit the Jimmy Whispers Returns website at Thank you for your time and consideration.

 Clem Caserta’s Interview