Author Susan DeSantis-Ferritto FERRITTO: An Assassin Scorned

Air Date:
May 31, 2013

Show #120

Susan DeSantis-Ferrito she is the widow of Raymond W. Ferritto was the only mobster in weddingDaythe history of LA COSA NOSTRA that every destroyed a leadership, lived to tell about it and rose to become a boss. I was his witness – Susan DeSantis-Ferrirro

Susan takes you back to those infamous times with their extraordinary lives and how together, they mysteriously functioned in this dangerous and complicated world until Ray Ferritto died a peaceful death in 2004. As his wife and most trusted confidant, she had the rare privilege of slipping into a powerful role in this male dominated culture and reveals one of the Mob’s best kept secrets!

Finally, 35 years after the most notable crime figure turned government witness walked away from the Cleveland Crime Family’s kiss of death, and lived another twenty-five years to tell about it, his widow breaks her silence.

Raymond W. Ferritto, made man, dangerous killer, skilled safecracker, compulsive gambler, loan shark and power broker to La Cosa Nostra, was born ruthless and destined for control. He knew how to organize and carry out an assassination…and how to leave it behind. He was a highly respected underworld figure, with sights on becoming an underboss for the Cleveland Crime Family…until they betrayed him.

Setting him up “to take a bullet” for the gruesome bombing death of the notorious Danny “The Irishman” Greene, Ferritto instinctively struck back against the very constituents who ordered his murder after he did them the biggest favor of their lives.

With pure vengeance in his heart, mightier and more dangerous than a direct kill, he initiated his own public battle to destroy the Cleveland’s entire inner sanctum, consequently signing his own death warrant.

Struggling to stave off certain death, he laid out a radical plan of survival, defying the odds and triumphantly stepped into the position of ranking boss of Northwestern Pennsylvania. To this day, this bold and calculated move to seize his own territory even baffled the Feds…when he was never killed in retaliation.

 Susan DeSantis-Ferritto’s Interview


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Writer, Actor, Producer Clayton Garrett of the film 21 Brothers

Clayton Garrett’s InterviewAir Date:

May 24, 2013

Show #119

Clayton Garrett, actor, writer & Producer of the film 21 BROTHERSClayton began in the early 90’s working as a actor in Kingston, Ontario. As a young man, 541073_10151267478065132_360887531_nhe cut his teeth under the direction of Canadian theatre legends Gordon and Valerie Robertson and learned the ropes in a “show must go on” style of approach reminiscent of renaissance guild theatre, but with the fast pace production schedule of a Vaudevillian theatre.There he managed to play everything from Shakespeare to Becket. In the mid 90’s he studied more formally with the
Players Academy in Toronto, Canada at the Equity Showcase. He has since continued to work as an actor with many theatre companies over the years on numerous productions, largely in south eastern Ontario. In 2009

Clayton has been recognized by the Eastern Ontario Drama League for his ensemble work in a production of Side Man. Clayton has appeared in many short films over the years including Moviola’s award winning short Anxious for Love (2007) where he played Marcus.

While in Toronto, Clayton worked as a Stage, Television and Film Carpenter building and designing for a Toronto based Scene House. During his time there he worked on Nickelodeon’s Harriet the Spy, TV’s Dudley the Dragon and numerous stage productions in the Toronto area.

In 2010 he started, with his partners, the Kings Town Players a commercial theatre company in Ontario. Kings Town Players is about to begin its fourth season of performances.

He directed and adapted to stage the 1968 movie Night or the Living Dead giving a modern voice and spin to the cult classic using mixed media to tell the grim tale. Clayton just premiered his play Mercutio and His Brother Valentine this year, a skewed and unique take on the Shakespeare
classic Romeo and Juliet entitled. He is currently adapting this to the screen.

553828_10150740178265132_910915872_nIn 2011 a film called 21 Brothers was shot where Clayton was a producer, actor and the screenwriter. This film was shot in unique style from beginning to end in a single take and in 2012 it was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Longest Uncut Film. The film is currently in distribution.

21 Brothers has been recognized by Guinness as the longest uncut film in the world! ‘The longest uncut film is 21 Brothers (Canada 2012) which runs for 91 minutes 8 seconds (excluding opening and end credits) and was produced by 21 Brothers Productions in Elginburg, Ontario, Canada and premiered in the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on 6 July 2012′

KINGSTON – ON  The producers of 21 Brothers are very excited to announce their new Guinness World Record!

21 Brothers has been recognized by Guinness as the longest uncut film in the world! ‘The longest uncut film is 21 Brothers (Canada 2012) which runs for 91 minutes 8 seconds (excluding opening and end credits) and was produced by 21 Brothers Productions in Elginburg, Ontario, Canada and premiered in the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on 6 July 2012′

This film tells the story of Canada’s 21st battalion as they prepare for the Battle of Flers-Courcelette on 15th September, 1916. This World War I drama has been inspired by actual events and takes place in real time. 21 Brothers follows Sgt. Reid as he gets his platoon ready in the final 90 minutes before all “hit the bags”. Not only must he prep the platoon but he is forced to deal with all the difficulties of daily life in trench on the Western Front.

21 Brothers has enjoyed success on the festival circuit and will be showing at the Free Thinking Film Fest in Ottawa as well as a special Remembrance Day showing at the Hamilton Film Festival on Nov 11th, 2012-10-22

21 Brothers is also available in VOD format through Telus,Rogers, Shaw, Sasktel, Mts and for download through iTunes and Google

For additional information, please contact ; Krista Garrett at or at 613-876-2144

Clayton Garrett’s Interview


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New Zealander Movie Theater Owner – Patrick Walsh

Air Date:
May 17, 2013

Show #118

Patrick Walsh, 26 years old, got into the movie business at the age of 14 learning the projectionist’s job in a small town theatre while at school, currently owns his own movie theatre, also collects 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films and projectors, actor, appeared in some locally made film productions and on stage, from the rural town of Rangiora in New Zealand, a fan of old Hollywood and it’s stars.69172_109797269084155_1186466_n

Patrick is flying in from New Zealand to be on my show. He will tell us what the Movie situation is like in his country and of Peter Jackson’s studio on the other side of the Island.




Patrick Welsh’s Interview


Writer – Producer – Director Jeff Chamberlain

Air Date:

May 10, 2013

Show # 117

Jeff Chamberlain along with his veteran Hollywood partner Mark Victor (Spielberg’s 427052_129773597149573_1586826033_nPOLTERGEIST I, POLTERGEIST II, MARKED FOR DEATH – 20th Century Fox), financed and produced three motion pictures together – STATES OF GRACE and FALLING released in 2005 and 2008, and THE MINE, written and directed by Chamberlain to be released in theaters this summer 2013.  He is active in the development and production of both narrative and documentary film projects which have socially responsible themes and messages. As a media strategy consultant, Jeff assists clients in their short-form messaging with a focus on three areas – message definition (with strategic intent), content creation (production), and delivery (cross-platform integration strategy). Being a writer, producer, director in film and commercials, as well as having direct entertainment corporate experience in Hollywood, gives him a valuable skill set as a media strategist for firms keen on elevating their brand through a consistent messaging strategy. 

Mr. Chamberlain was previously employed by the CBS Television Network working in corporate finance, and also at Catalina Production Group – an independent motion picture 247790_242432439217021_543122968_nand television production company at MGM Studios.

Mr. Chamberlain received his MBA from UCLA’s The Anderson School of Management, and a BS in Economics from California State University Northridge with an emphasis in Asian Languages. He has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal and other trade papers as an expert in international entertainment finance. He has been called on to be an expert witness for the District Court in North Carolina for issues relating to entertainment finance, production studio economics and marketing. Additionally, Mr. Chamberlain worked with the state of Utah’s senate subcommittee on legislation promoting economic development of the state’s entertainment industry.

Prior to his entertainment “business” career, Chamberlain was a successful actor395954_112017698925163_1406802828_n appearing numerous times on TV and in film on such shows as the CBS daytime drama CAPITOL (Contract lead), ONE LIFE TO LIVE, AS THE WORLD TURNS, & ALL MY CHILDREN. He starred in the NBC television movie STRANGER AT JEFFERSON HIGH and others. For a complete list of credits refer to the entertainment industry database –


Jeff Chamberlain’s Interview


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Boston Artist – Adriano Masciarelli & Scott Ross

Air Date:

May 3, 2013

Show #116

My guest are Adriano Masciarelli and Scott Ross two Boston talents that are working on a project to tell the story of that Boston sound and dancing that created Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch… Their project is called THE FLOORLORD

Adriano Masciarelli an independent actor/producer/filmmaker from Quincy Massachusetts. Masciarelli has inspired by family members in the industry (from Broadway to Hollywood)After acting in a few indie projects in recent years, his desire to create his own project manifested “Irish Whisper” as his first formal foray into screenwriting.adriano1

His Family owns Masciarelli wine it was estabilished in San Martino in 1978 by Gianni Masciarelli and starts producing wines in 1981. Today the Masciarelli winery is active in producing Wine, Extravirgin Olive Oil and it is also dedicated to Wine_Tourism tanks to the purchase and careful restauration of the Masciarelli Palace “Castello di Semivicoli”.

Scott Ross is originally from New Bedford but got my career started in Boston, Dorchester as a member of Mark Wahlbergs group THE FUNKY BUNCHin 1990 to 1997 Scott then adriwent on into Management in 1998 After Managing group ” LFO” Devin Lima, Tynisha Keli ” MCA Records” Heath Burgett ” Interscope Records”.

Scott opened A Performing Arts Studio in Cape Cod Called DREAM STUDIOS  And a Recording Studio call FULL SIRCLE STUDIOS with a good Friend of mine called K-FAM aka Ken Fambro

Scott has written scripts for TV reality shows and Movie trailers about 2yrs ago and came up with ” THE FLOORLORD” An exciting and darker twist to dance movies

Currently Adriano Masciarelli Is working with Scott Ross on a screenplay he is Writing called the Floorlords based on a true story

Adriano & Scott Interview