Kenn Christienson, Dan McClinton, Nick Searcy and Eric Porvaznick FIRST ATTACK FILM

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April 26, 2013

Show #115

My guest is My guest will be Filmmaker Kenn Christienson, Dan McClinton, Nick Searcy and Eric Porvaznick

Actor, Nick Searcy narrates: “First Attack,” the 50 year history of the 1-227th Aviation Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division.

First Attack PosterThe video covers the Battalion’s formation, February 13, 1963 and highlights the Battalion’s involvement in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan.) .

The video’s production was a volunteer effort, to commemorate the Battalion’s 50th Anniversary, February, 13th 2013. The video has also been donated to the 1-227th, for the instruction of new Battalion Members. “First Attack” was photographed at Wings and Rotors Air Museum in Murrieta, Ca and at Fort Hood, Texas.

Writer, Director, Editor and Visual Effects producer for over 20 years, residing in Southern Oregon. • Owner of production company: Kenn Christenson Films – since 2001 – Specializing in TV commercials and web promotional videos.• Studied film production at California Institute of the Arts. • Been shooting film & video since 13 years old.

Dan McClinton’s was born and grew up in Waco, TX. Joined the Army in 1986, graduated from flight school in OCT 1987. Flew UH-1s until 1998, when I switched over to the Attack side of things. I was assigned to 1-227th in May of 2004 and served there until my retirement from the Army in 2011. While assigned to the 1-227th I participated in 3 tours to Iraq totaling 37 months. He currently work for Flight Safety International as a Bell Model 412 helicopter instructor at the DFW center. He has in excess of 5 thousand flight hours.

In addition to his stellar portrayal of Chief Deputy Art Mullen on FX’s “Justified,” Peabody Award-winning International Film and Television star Nick Searcy continues to amaze internet audiences with his “Acting School with Nick Searcy.” Be sure to check YouTube and Funny or Die frequently for new episodes.

Eric Porvaznik, still blogging away at, returns to the Warrior Filmmaker show for the fourth time as a guest or co-host. Still no word on whether Jack will award him with a commemorative LA Talk Radio plaque this time or the fifth visit. Till then, be sure to check out “Looking for Oscar, his ode to 1970s baseball, on YouTube.

 First Attack Interview



Hollywood Publicist and Author Michael Levine

Air date:
April 19. 2013

Show #114

Michael Levine has more than 25 years experience and having worked with some of 200px-Michael_Levinemodern society’s biggest names and companies, Michael Levine is the founder of LCO.

As the author of 19 books, including Guerrilla PR – considered the most widely used introduction to Public Relations in the world – Levine is an industry expert who is frequently called upon by national media to provide PR insight into topical news and events.

Called by USA Today, “one of Hollywood’s brightest and most respected executives,” Levine has been responsible for public relations campaigns for, among others, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Charlton Heston, Linda Evans, Jon Voight, Suzanne Somers, Demi Moore and Michael J. Fox. His clients have run from movie & TV stars, to sports heroes, to music figures, comics, producers and multi-national corporations. When not in the office, Levine can be found speaking at national conferences, conducting philanthropic work for the community, including annual motivational speeches to LA County prison inmates, following political developments or enjoying photographing life and local scenery.

LCO – Levine Communications Office – was founded in June of 1983. The mantra of the company, Passion, Focus, Results, has seen it grow into one of the leading entertainment Public Relations firms in the world.michaelspic

LCO has represented Hollywood’s biggest and most powerful names and brands including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nike, Playboy, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Suzanne Sommers, Paul Stanley, The Laugh Factory, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Guber, Pizza Hut, George Michael, Cameron Diaz, and hundreds more.

LCO knows how important it is for clients to stay at the cutting edge of the communications industry. We recently launched publishing and digital entertainment divisions, in addition to our longstanding talent and corporate entertainment practices, to help our clients build and maintain brand images in the modern day media landscape.

 Michael Levine’s Interview




Author Stephen D. Youngkin

Air Date:
Friday, April 12, 2013

Show #113

My guest Author Stephen Doug Youngkin of the book The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen D. Youngkin.

Stephen was born in 1950. Pursued doctoral degree at University of Utah, specializing in 19th century federal government-Indian relations. Worked for Center for the Study of Man at the Smithsonian Institution, also as historical consultant to Sioux Tribe in land claim

litigation suit involving Sioux Indians and Treaty of 1868. Developed an interest in cinema history. Later worked at Utah State Historical Society in Salt Lake City.

Drawing on more than 300 interviews, Youngkin (coauthor, The Films of Peter Lorre) offers the first major biography of a genuine but eccentric talent. Peter Lorre electrified the international film world in 1931 with his portrayal of a pathetic child killer in Fritz Lang’s M. Born Laszlo Loewenstein in Hungary, Lorre fled Nazi anti-Semitism to join a growing colony of expatriates in Hollywood. Unlike many other foreign actors, Lorre enthusiastically lorrecigembraced American culture but soon found himself stereotyped, and after key appearances in films likeCasablanca, he ended his career a caricature of himself in low-budget horror films. Youngkin recounts Lorre’s early years, the distinctive screen persona that eventually became something of a curse, his carelessness with money, and his addiction to morphine. Friends also remember his offbeat sense of humor and capacity for friendship, which extended to ex-wives, Humphrey Bogart, and famed German playwright Bertolt Brecht. This well-researched book illuminates both Lorre’s strengths and his flaws, tantalizes the reader with lost possibilities in his career, and covers little-known chapters in his life. Recommended for large public and academic film history and biography collections.  —   Reviewed by Stephen Rees, Levittown Library, PA; August, 2005  Stephen worked for five years writing the The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen D. Youngkin.

 Stephen Youngkin’s Interview


 Peter Lorre Website


Filmmaker, Actor, Director Rick Groat

Air Date:

April 6, 2013

Show #112

7662872Groat Family Production is funding a campaign for a (real western action film), that has a great family story that will touch the heart, real action stunts, and a very talented cast. Rick Groat and Groat Family Productions brings a traditional style of film making in this action packed story of love, adventure, hardship, and over coming great odds, as a man must fight for his family in a savage time and place. The time is 1899, the place is the small town of Blue River in the high mountains of CA.”Read the story outline further down the page”. Groat Family Productions is teaming up in association with Wolf Brother Entertainment in this exciting production. Our film is very important to us. It will be a true western movie in every sense of the word. We will bring a story of traditional family values that will have you wanting to saddle you horse and ride with us, and you will be proud to be a part ot it. Our film has a beautiful look and will be shot on Epic cameras. Ride the Wanted Trail is real western .

5544383The Groat family, Over 50 years of movie and show biz history. Rick Groat will introduce you to the Groat Family Productions. We are proud to introduce the sequel to our award winning film “The Shooting story of the Kane Brothers.” A full length feature western movie “Ride the Wanted Trail” set to film in June 2013. Please take a look at all our information. Important: We will give a percentage of the film sales to research a cure for blood disease in children, and you can help us and be a part of it with your donation. Read more to learn how. From indie western films, acting, art, and our own western show, “We are the best of the west.”


Rick Groat’s Interview