Actor Jack O’Halloran

Air Date:
December 14, 2012

Show # 96

Jack O’Halloran, son of Mob Boss, ALBERT ANASTASIA, the head of MURDER INC. Heavyweight contender, actor and now author!

His book FAMILY LEGACY talks about the Sicilian mafia, the US Government and the European banks that have control the destiny of the world since the early 1900s. Jack at the age of 17 was taken under the wing of Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello. He was brought into the world of his late father. He knows where all the bodies are buried and who murdered who and why. He talks about the assassination JFK,RFK and Monroe and who really killed them and why. He was there and hear all the power brokers. Who really caused the 1929 crash and how the mafia and the government are partners.

Hear the about the author life as a professional heavyweight fighter and his career as an actor, playing Moose Malloy in FAREWELL MY LOVELY, SUPERMAN & SUPERMAN II, MARCH OR DIE and many more films.

Listen to Jack O’Halloran incredible two hour interview

Jack O’ Halloran’s Interview

Jack & Jack

One thought on “Actor Jack O’Halloran

  1. The inside knowledge your guest Jack O’Halloran has is amazing. So many of the obscured and missing pieces of mid-20th century history reside within his colorful life experiences. Fascinating analysis on seemingly everyone–and everything. How Joe Kennedy’s treachery exacerbated coastal shipping losses to the U-boats; the little known tragic realities which dogged sons Joe Jr, Jack, and Bobby; how the Feds routinely interfaced with the likes of Lansky, Luciano, Giancana, Roselli, and others; the Havana halcyon days of the 1950s; the mythic Robert Mitchum-Howard Hughes friendship; the sidebars on Hackman, McQueen, Brando, Sinatra, James Earl Jones to mention only a few. The list goes on and, apparently without end. O’Halloran jam-packed your show with rare anecdotes of 20th-century intrigue, revealing what actually happened as opposed to what merely resides in the history books.
    Hope you have O’Halloran back on your show to pick up where he left off regarding the little known secrets of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s…

    ~Dennis Mullen, / Havana Writers’ Retreat

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