Writer & Adventurer Glenn Damato


Air Date:
Friday, January 4, 2013

Show # 99

Glenn Damato An overweight, middle-aged computer nerd buys his first boat, quits his job, and sails off to adventure

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEDo you have a dream to pursue but everyone says it’s unrealistic? Or that you’re not qualified? Too old, too out of shape? Or you don’t have the “right experience?”

Glenn Damato was a forty-one year old software instructor who walked away from his humdrum existence on a mission for which he was miserably unprepared. Why do this? The goal, in his words, was “to become something I am not.”

The “something” Damato chose to become was an ocean sailing skipper. Overweight and without boating experience of any kind, he decided to achieve his lifelong dream of sailing around the world on his own vessel.

Reckless? Dangerous? Idiotic? Call it what you will, Damato was determined to make the voyage a reality despite the obstacles.

Suddenly without the comforts and security of his previous life, Damato was forced to conquer his anxieties while at the same time surviving the hazards and challenges of offshore sailing. As his experience and confidence mounts, he discovers he has indeed undergone a personal transformation – one quite different than he originally hoped, and in some ways worthier than he imagined.

269738_10150332283310359_6961697_nBreaking Seas is a tale of ocean voyaging, but it’s not just about sailing: the all-encompassing themes are rejection and disappointment – and our common human quest to get the most out of life despite being born into an imperfect universe.

Part sailing adventure, part philosophical pilgrimage, Breaking Seas is for everyone who’s ever wanted to embark on an enterprise of some kind despite not meeting society’s expected “qualifications.”

Breaking Seas is about our desire to be elsewhere, reborn and enhanced, because here and now are not enough. “But don’t expect a sugar-coated fairy tale with just what you want to hear,” warns Damato. “I promise an honest story truthfully told.”

Glenn Damato’s Interview

jack & Glenn






Vincent Guastini of V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio

Air Date:
Friday, Dec 28, 2012

Show # 97

Vincent Guastini Productions (AKA) V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio he moved his company to the west coast and is now one of the top effects houses.

“I love movies, making monsters .Monroe, Bettie Page, and my art, I love my son & girlfriend more then anything in the world. Would do anything for him & her. I’m a very passionate person so everything I do must be my best.” – Vincent Guastini

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey October 7, 1963, he started his own Special Make-up effects company at the age of 22, specializing in prosthetics and creature effects, design, and animatronics.

The film that was a big influence on his life was John Carpenter’s remake of Howard Hawks film The Thing; the film had an effect that changed Vincent’s life. He decided then and there he must do this for a living. His company soon grew to become one of the top special makeup effects houses on the east coast. At first called Fantasy Workshop, where he started doing creatures and special Make-up effects for the creature of the week TV series in the late 80s called Monsters, under the supervision of Make-up Legend Dick Smith, his company and credits soon expanded and his big breakthrough film as far as realistic and graphic effects came in 1991 when asked to take over the prosthetic effects for Michael Mann’s epic remake of The Last Of The Mohicans. After this film Vincent went on to supervise and design creature effects for various studio and independent films.

Changing his company name to Vincent Guastini Productions (AKA) V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio he moved his company to the west coast and is now one of the top effects houses.

One of his most challenging projects was Darren Aronofsky’s film Requiem for a Dream, in which he had to transform Ellen Burstyn into a thinning, decaying women throughout the film. The prosthetic transformation made Vincent an Oscar hopeful that year. Other films Vincent has found to be a big feather in his and his company’s cap is creating the ground breaking animatronic wings and creature effects in Kevin Smiths film “Dogma”, Vincent’s work was also nominated for his prosthetics for TV’s “Saturday Night Live”

Vincent has created Make-up effects are “Scary Movie 4”, & Clint Eastwood’s “Letters of Iwo Jima” FOR more recent news, Vincent produced 2 Malcolm Mc Dowell Movies as well. And did the effects. Credits are as follows to mention up front in intro, The Last of The Mohicans, Dogma, Requiem For A Dream, Letters Of Iwa Jima, Flags Of Our Father, for director Clint Eastwood. Scary Movie 4, Stephen King’s Thinner, Saturday Night Live.

He just finished the Horror movie Silent Night which was in theaters in November and December and have Sushi Girl starring Mark Hamill Tony Todd, James Duvall, Jeff Fehey, Noah Hathway, etc. Hits theaters Jan 4

Vincent Guastini’s Interview


Documentary Filmmaker Steven Barber

Air Date:
Friday, April 23, 2010
Show #14

Steve Barber who has produced two outstanding films, “Return to Tawara” and “Unbeaten” Steve tells of his determination to get this film UNBEATEN produced and what he went through to get where he is today.

He is an inspiration to all filmmakers out there, who are determined to beat the odds to see that their dreams become a reality.

Steven Barber’s Interview





Actress & Director Lee Purcell

Air Date:

Friday, Dec 21, 2012

Show # 97


ACTRESS/producer/writer/director LEE IS IN NEGOTIATIONS TO DIRECT A FEATURE FILM IN 2013 BASED ON A NOVEL, AND IS ALSO SCHEDULED TO ACT IN TWO FEATURE FILMS ” CALL TO DUTY” AND “TAO OF SURFING.” SHE IS AN acclaimed TWO-TIME PRIME TIME EMMY NOMINATED actress WHO has numerous film, television and stage credits, RECENTLY SEEN IN THE NBC TV SEIRES “PERSONS UNKNOWN ” CREATED BY OSCAR WINNER CHRISTOPHER MCQUARRIE AND EARLIER IN HER CAREER as Louise St. Laurent on the TV series “DUE SOUTH” created by Oscar winner Paul Haggis, and IN her generation-defining performance as the sultry step-mom in the iconic film “VALLEY GIRL” with Nicholas Cage.

Fans around the world frequently reach out to her for her role as “Peggy” in the cult favorite film BIG WEDNESDAY.

Lee has also starred opposite many OF Hollywood’s popular leading men, and has the distinction of starring opposite two of Hollywood dynastic father-son duos, Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas and Beau Bridges and Lloyd Bridges.HER TWO EMMY NOMINATIONS WERE FOR “LONG ROAD HOME” starring opposite Mark Harmon AND for “SECRET SINS OF THE FATHER” starring opposite and directed by, Beau Bridges.

Early in her career Lee was personally chosen by film Icon Steve McQueen to star in his film “Adam at 6am” opposite Michael Douglas.

Lee  IS ON THE BOARD OF HEART OF A HORSE, a group that rescues horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter. SHE ALSO WRITES A BLOG FOR WOMEN www.boomerbabes.com

Lee Purcell’s Interview

Lee & jack

This blog is on hold for the time being…

DNS_2911Jack Marino  an Independent filmmaker and radio host who’s  WarriorFilmmaker Show has been on LA Talk Radio since 2010 on .   Jack brings to the air waves his unique style of Radio Noir of the classic feel of the old time radio shows of the 1930’s and 40s.
Bold, Conservative, Warrior – That’s what Host Jack Marino brings to LA Talk radio, every
Friday night with his new show: Jack Marino – Warrior filmmaker.

Got questions about Hollywood, filmmaking, surviving as a conservative filmmaker in Hollywood or what’s it really like to be an actor, writer, producer, director, author and dealing with all the politics of today’s Hollywood?

Through in depth interviews with guests working in all levels of the film business both then and now, come by and hear a new kind of radio about the gritty side of Hollywood that you’ll never hear in the mainstream media.

Listen Live SUNDAY at 7:00PM (PST) on channel 2

Call-In telephone number for Jack’s show is 


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Forgotten Heroes Poster!

Welcome to my website/blog for the JACK MARINO WARRIORFILMMAKER SHOW on LA TALK RADIO. JmsmlogoPlease feel free to register and start posting your opinions, reviews of my radio show. 

I am an Independent filmmaker original from the Boston area, who fell into internet radio to promote his film FORGOTTEN HEROES. Since I am a conservative and I have specific ideas for films that I want to accent the positive of this great Republic after 40 years of negativity, I wanted to tell my journey as filmmaker dealing with the power structure of Hollywood that will not allow another point of view, of an unknown filmmaker.

I decided with the help of my partner to get on LA TALK RADIO and on January 22, 2010 was my first time ever hosting a radio show that goes all around the world. I did 47 shows the first year with a mixture of politics, people running for office here in LA and in Boston. I have had a few old time actors that started in the 40s as contract players for Warner Bros. I have had a lot of authors who have written books of OLD HOLLYWOOD of the great film stars of a gone by era.

On Friday April 29, 2011, which was my 64th show.

226959_1081393072566_4400_n The next day my wife of 34 years of

marriage was rushed to the Hospital and put into ICU for 11 days with a brain injury. She was then transferred to a rehab for the next 65 days. At this time I wasn’t doing the show at all. The management of LA TALK RADIO were extremely kind and generous to keep my spot available for me when if ever I could come back. Through out this entire process both my wife and I were touched by God and she was on death’s door and she became a living miracle. She left the rehab on July 14, 2011, she had to be taught everything all over again. The thing was, that her and I had just bought our first home, which she found and it a gift that we got this specific home. We were only in the house for five days when this event happen, it was like being hit by a train, it came out of nowhere.

My wife’s birthday was coming up that June and I got her a doormat so when she got out of rehab she would read, Welcome to ‘Palazzo de Louisa’ . I named her dream house 261630_2156514709935_2385675_nafter her. I hope it would trigger her memory which was at that time was gone. After a few months of speech, OT and Physical therapy she was doing better and LA TALK RADIO had contacted me to appear on a show with my wife to tell our story. To my surprise she agreed, which wasn’t her style to get in front of anyone or a mic to talk about herself. The show was a great success and LA TALK RADIO felt it was time for me to come back on the air .

On May 11, 2012 was my COMEBACK show and I have been on the radio since and my show is growing bigger and bigger. All my show are archived on my BIO page or you can scroll down on the right side of this blogroll and click on anyone of the guest that are listed. Each guest I have their Bio, their photos and the link to their show. There is a REPLY link for you to post your opinion of that specific show that you listen too.

I want to thank all my fans, and friends out there who have been loyal to my show and stuck by me during my hiatus and came back to the show when I did. I can’t THANK everyone out there for all your concern, prayers, cards, Mass cards for my darling wife during her life changing event.

She listens to each show since I have been back and tells me what she likes. She has always been there for me throughout my film career and now my radio show.

I welcome you all to the Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker show on LA TALK RADIO and to my new blog site. I hope everyone of you enjoy the show as much as I have doing them

Warmest regards,

Jack Marino





Filmmaker George Ciampa

Air Date:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Show #13

George Ciampa, an 85 year old WWII Veteran, who has produced two documentaries with high school teachers and combat veterans, who served in the Battle of the Bulge and the D-Day Normandy Invasion.  You will hear George talk about how at 18 he was drafted and how he ended up in 4th platoon of the 607th Grave Registration Company.  Listen to his passionate political views of what is going on today and how he feels about all those young Heroes he had to bury and the reason they gave their lives in WWII.  He feels  wasn’t to see America turn into where it is going today. George Ciampa is a real American Patriot and Hero. I urge you all to go to his website and support his projects.


George Ciampa’s Interview

Actor Jack O’Halloran

Air Date:
December 14, 2012

Show # 96

Jack O’Halloran, son of Mob Boss, ALBERT ANASTASIA, the head of MURDER INC. Heavyweight contender, actor and now author!

His book FAMILY LEGACY talks about the Sicilian mafia, the US Government and the European banks that have control the destiny of the world since the early 1900s. Jack at the age of 17 was taken under the wing of Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello. He was brought into the world of his late father. He knows where all the bodies are buried and who murdered who and why. He talks about the assassination JFK,RFK and Monroe and who really killed them and why. He was there and hear all the power brokers. Who really caused the 1929 crash and how the mafia and the government are partners.

Hear the about the author life as a professional heavyweight fighter and his career as an actor, playing Moose Malloy in FAREWELL MY LOVELY, SUPERMAN & SUPERMAN II, MARCH OR DIE and many more films.

Listen to Jack O’Halloran incredible two hour interview

Jack O’ Halloran’s Interview

Jack & Jack

Boston Filmmaker Adriano Masciarelli

Adriano Masciarelli’s InterviewAir Date:

Friday Dec 7,2012

Show # 95

Adriano Masciarelli was born August 19, 1985 in Quincy Massachusetts. Masciarelli has inspired by family members in the industry (from Broadway to Hollywood)After acting in a few indie projects in recent years, his desire to create his own project manifested “Irish Whisper”


Adriano Masciarelli's Interview

IRISH WHISPER   –   Written by: Adriano Masciarelli

 After spending time behind bars, Jimmy (Nick Apostolides) is ready to start over. However, being long-separated from his family and ex-girlfriend, Donna (Karena Garabedian), due to a life of drugs and crime, he has a long way to go to make things right. When presented with a seemingly harmless shortcut to some fast money by his reckless friend, Billy (Adriano Masciarelli), he decides to gamble on the opportunity. What Jimmy doesn’t realize, is that Billy’s motives are skewed, and he is working for cold-hearted criminals who have no intentions on sparing any lives. When Jimmy and Billy figure out that they have been tricked, they finally learn the hard way that gang loyalty is a false promise.

A Boston based Production Company


 Produced by Billy V, Bobby Kennney, Alex Marguerite & Adriano Masciarelli

Directed By Ben Proulx

Starring Adriano Masciarelli

Also Starring John Fiore of the Sopranos & Mickey O’keefe from the fighter

cast also includes Billy V …Bobby Kenney, Karena Lyn

and the sisters from the movie The Fighter: Melissa Mcmeekin & Erica Mcdermott